Radworks Important Links 🔗

Below is a collection of important platforms used within Radworks & the projects it funds, including a description of how they are intended to be used in the community!

Radworks :seedling:

  • radworks.org - Website
  • docs.radworks.org - Detailed docs that provide an overview of our values, ecosystem, history and governance & community resources.
  • Governance Manual - Version-controlled “source of truth” for Radworks governance processes and tooling
  • Discord - For general discussions, announcements & support
  • Discourse - Forum for governance proposals, grant applications, and quarterly Org updates
  • Twitter (@radworks_) - Updates and insights from the Radworks ecosystem (including important governance reminders)
  • Mirror Blog - Radworks community blog
  • Community calendar - Includes reminders for quarterly community calls, monthly proposal reviews and outlines the phases of our monthly proposal cycles
  • Code of conduct - Community guidelines & standards

Radicle :space_invader:

Drips :droplet:

Grants :moneybag:

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