Radworks Financial Reporting for August 2023

Hi Community,

Please see below insights on Monthly Financial Report for August, 2023.

You can view the report here

Highlighted Content and Notes for the Report:

  • Slide 3 - Governance Committee compensation increased 42% from last month due to third party, Apiary used for governance guidance
  • Slide 3 - Ops Committee expenses decreased 40% due to savings in legal expenses
  • Slide 12: Grants Org $150K in August used to fund the Drips platform as per Bor Dumb

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Hi Yuvalis!

Thanks a bunch for this.

Some context for others: the $150K in August was not a lump sum that was sent. It topped up our Drips balance.

We are working to move 100% of our grants to Drips. So such top-up transactions will become the norm. So the best place to see our ongoing spending of those funds onboarded to Drips is our Drips profile below:

Thanks Bordumb for the additional context for everyone!