Radicle vs GitHub vs GitLab

Hey, guys.

Can u explain me the main advantage Radicle vs G + G projects? Any answer is a fair game…


A good place to start is here:


and here:



In a nutshell:

  • Github runs a remote git instance and is centralised.
  • GitLab might be self hosted on your centralized instance. Alternatively there are attempts for federation which are underdeveloped and would operate under a centralized domain.
  • Radicle extends git with peer-to-peer network discovery and replicates the repos locally, hence is truly P2P/decentral. There is no necessity for a centralized git server anymore. You replicate changes from your peers rather than from the central git remote. Its a very hard networking problem to solve :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarifying!
Is it possible use R for different code languages or it’s just for blockchain’s code languages?

How about speed and stability?

Radicle Link is a peer-to-peer gossip protocol with a generic distributed version control backend. It doesn’t run on a blockchain. Currently it supports git, so you can store any type of git objects.

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Could you elaborate a little more what exactly you’re interested in learning? Upstream is currently shipped with the release version 0.1.10 so its relatively early in its lifecycle and in beta status.

Discovery and replication in P2P works quite different from the server-client web so Radicle comes with different trade-offs. You need to make sure your changes are replicated in the network otherwise peers might maintain an old copy.

I am interested from a developer’s point of view. As a Version Control System user. Thanks for the detailed answer