Radicle Upstream v0.3.1 is out! πŸŽ‰

:bulb: General Notes

This release has been primarily focused on improving the usefulness of our patches. We know that the patches functionality is a core piece of how teams collaborate using the Radicle platform, and this release adds patch statuses to allow your team members to easily manage the various patches within your project.

Be sure to check out our new onboarding docs that explain how to get set up using Radicle for your project!

:tada: Notable Changes

Patch statuses implementation

Previously, the only way for you to close a patch is by merging it into your branch. Now obviously this results in a bunch of statuses that remain open if you don’t merge it for any reason (as we’ve painfully experienced ourselves). Now both project delegates and patch creators will be able to manually close patches on their projects. This means that project delegates can go into each patch and close them out. Patch creators can also view their own created patch and do the same. Time to finally clean out your open patches!

UI/UX Improvements

Along with the upgrade to patches mentioned above, we’ve made some additional improvements to the UI, allowing you to view the number of patches for each status (Open, Merged, Closed and All). You’ll also notice that the actions you can take for patches (such as creating a patch, checking out, and merging a patch) only show when it makes sense within the context.

Further, we’ve made some additional improvements to our design system, allowing our teams to deliver cohesive features for you faster.

Onboarding bug fixes

In our previous release, we built a helpful onboarding flow that helps check dependencies in your system to ensure that your environment is ready to go. In this release, we’ve fixed a few additional bugs in that flow, specifically around git detection. Our goal is to ensure that no one has any issues installing and using Upstream.

If you come across any issues at all, please feel free to reach out to us in our Discord support channel and we’ll make sure we address them!

You can find the complete list of changes here .

Here are packages for all our supported platforms:

For more information on how to use Radicle, check out our documentation.
If you encounter a bug, please open an issue.