Radicle Upstream v0.3.0 is out! 🎉

:bulb: General Notes

As you’ll see below, we’ve made some fairly significant changes to the Radicle Upstream client for this release. The primary thing we were focused on is to make sure that the client is stable so your teams can begin using it for code collaboration. As such, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to remove a few features that were causing networking problems.

Moving forward, our goal is to make sure that all products within Radicle are compatible. This means that any projects that your team is collaborating on will be available in the Upstream client, the rad-cli, and the Radicle web client.

Be sure to check out our new onboarding docs that explain how to get set up using Radicle for your project!

:tada: Notable Changes

Temporary removal of Organizations

You’ll notice that the Orgs tab has disappeared. That’s because we’ve temporarily hidden the tab on the UI. Don’t worry, though, your organizations are still there and can be found on our web client. The reason we decided to remove it for the time being on the Upstream client is that not only was it causing stability problems, but we want to make sure it’s actually useful for you. In the next development cycle, our team will be compiling your feedback to make sure that once we implement organizations again, we also include valuable features.

Temporary removal of Ethereum integration

We’ve also temporarily removed the Ethereum integration from Upstream. Similar to the organization issues, we’ve also run into a few problems with the current Ethereum implementation. Thus, we’ve decided to remove it for the time being. Along with the Organizations, we’ll also be going back to the drawing board to make sure that what we implement will be useful for everyone.

Note: We know some of you that have created organizations and integrated with Ethereum have spent money. You should have already been compensated for any transaction fees you’ve spent. If not, please reach out to us on Discord and we’ll make sure you’re reimbursed.

New onboarding flow

We’ve greatly improved our app onboarding flow. Not only is it much more friendly, but we also perform a number of system checks to make sure your environment is all ready to go. The checks the rad-cli, upstream-cli, and Rad ID. That way we can make sure that you’re able to use all of the features in Radicle. Further, we’ve also integrated with your ssh-agent so your password only needs to be input once per session. Subsequent app opens will detect your Radicle ID and automatically unlock.

Network compatibility

We’ve ensured that the Upstream client works with all the other tools in the Radicle suite, including the rad-cli and Radicle web app. This means we’ve integrated the push/pull network to be compatible in Upstream and removed the p2p network. On the network screen, you’ll see that we’ve automatically added 3 seeds to the client: Willow, Pine, and Maple. These are the three default seeds run by Radicle. We are currently working on re-implementing the p2p network to ensure decentralization; it’ll be available once we can ensure system stability.

You can find the complete list of changes here.

Here are packages for all our supported platforms:

For more information on how to use Radicle, check out our documentation.
For support, you can reach us on discord in the #upstream channel.
If you encounter a bug, please open an issue.

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