Radicle Subgraph and Governance using WithTally.com

Hello Radicle!

My name is Dennison, I’m building www.withTally.com with a team of 6 awesome folks.

We are a governance aggregation portal with the goal of making on chain governance work.

We will be launching officially soon and would love to have Radicle listed on the site.

I went ahead and created a Radicle Subgraph to index the Token, GovernorAlpha and Timelock.

Have a look here:

We might not always keep it here, but I will let you folks know if we change something!

As a note, it doesn’t seem like the GovernorAlpha is actually correct. The alpha which is linked to in the docs: https://radicle.xyz/blog/introducing-rad.html looks like it’s actually the Uniswap Governor Alpha.


Hej @crazyrabbitLTC - thanks for sharing your graph with us. We already have a subgraph for our governance deployed over at Radicle Governance Homestead Subgraph

Check it out and let us know if it serves your needs.

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Hello @xla ! Thats fantastic, actually we have our own subgraphs that we use to power the withTally.com site. It’s not based on the ProtoFire subgraph, so it’s not directly compatible.

But you might like it, we capture far more information in our subgraph which can be very useful.

The only thing we need is actually the correct GovernorAlpha contract, this blog post: https://radicle.xyz/blog/introducing-rad.html says that the contract is: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5e4be8Bc9637f0EAA1A755019e06A68ce081D58F

But that contract is actually the Uniswap GovernorAlpha, unless I am wrong?

Edit, the Link goes to the wrong place, but the text is correct!

Good catch, that was a slip-up in the original post. Our Governor is deployed here https://etherscan.io/address/0x690e775361AD66D1c4A25d89da9fCd639F5198eD

Curious to know what data you have set up in your subgraph. Is it publicly available? We started on Sybil to hit the ground running while our first proposal rolls out.


HI There @xla !

We haven’t decided yet how we want to handle our subgraphs, they are available to query right now, but we are hoping in the future that protocol members would be interested in supporting us in some way, maybe via grants or tokens.

We’ve already tested Radicle on Tally internally and it looks really nice. Our interface provides a great way for users to participate actively in governance and understand at a high level and in the details about what is actually happening in governance. Would be happy to talk more about supporting Radicle on Tally so that you have something ready to go for your first proposal.

(Although I already see two proposals on the governance? Although only one voter!)

That UI looks pretty nice. Any way to test Tally with Radicle?

We currently have one active proposal running. :>


I don’t really understand all of what Sybil does, but I see that you need Twitter account to use it and they are adding Github. It would be nice if it wasn’t tied to those companies and there was something p2p.

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That’s not correct, you can add additional keybase style verification by using twitter. Which just adds more detail to the profile of the delegation. Nothing requires you to use twitter to participate.

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Nothing requires you to use twitter to participate

Oh, great to hear. thx.

Great job! Continue on