Radicle Org - Q4 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

  • Team updates
    • Andrew Cann left
    • Stellar Magnet helping out on content

Quarterly Objectives Updates

Get closer to GitHub core feature parity

  • Web application re-design is deployed with new two-column layout
  • On the protocol and CLI, most efforts have gone towards reliability and incremental improvements
  • Code review CLI is postponed to after 1.0
  • Lots of UX improvements on the CLI
  • New rad sync status functionality for checking whether your repo is synchronized on the network

Stabilize the technology stack

  • Git fetch v2 is up and running
  • New id COB is merged
  • Hole punching patch is in review, but likely won’t be merged until after 1.0


  • “Tracking” is no longer a term used in the context of Radicle, this concept has been split into seeding (for repos) and following for peers.

Roadmap update

  • Q1 2024
    • Focus on content, documentation, polish
    • Setup blog
    • Start testing Radicle with externals a bit more thoroughly
    • Release v1.0
  • Q2 2024
    • Start working on v1.1
    • Code review CLI
    • Hole-punching (?)
    • Radicle Native CI release (?)

Thanks for the update @cloudhead! Could you please share a brief update on your budget as well?