Radicle Org - Q2 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

  • April 18th: Public Heartwood launch, including new website and brand
  • May 1st: Transition of Heartwood development to Radicle, 130 patches merged so far
  • Streamlined Radicle installation process with native binaries and install script
  • Launch of new CI team lead by @yorgos
  • Speaking about Radicle at:
    • Alternative Ecologies, July 16th, Paris
    • ProtocolBerg, September 15th, Berlin

Quarterly Objectives Updates

  • Get closer to GitHub core feature parity
    • Most of the progress here has been on patch support
      • Radicle Patches are in a great place; focus is on improving code review now
    • Code hosting & browsing is stable
    • Inline comments are still in the works
    • Issues TUI is making good progress and will be usable soon
    • Discussions and work around Radicle CI has started
    • Node aliases feature is buying us a lot of time on full-fledged identities
    • Node management tooling takes a lot of thinking and development time
    • No equivalent for GitHub
  • Stabilize the technology stack
    • Lots of work went into the networking protocol
      • New multiplexing protocol is running in production
    • Replication has been working without hiccups for a couple of months
    • Work underway on new replication code to give us more control
  • Relaunch (social-)media presence
    • New website has been launched
    • New twitter presence has been launched, product updates posted every few weeks
    • Holding out on blog for now

Roadmap update

  • Q3 2023
    • Focus on moving all of internal code review to Radicle
    • Flesh out Radicle Issues and start using it more actively
    • Get Radicle CI to a place where we can start implementing some basic workflows
    • Stabilize Collaborative Objects (COBs) and implement versioning
    • Overhaul of app.radicle.xyz brand (moved from Q2)
    • Community seed node (moved from Q2)
    • User documentation (moved from Q2)
    • Start on NAT-traversal work to improve UX for new users
    • Radicle Identities initial research (postponed)

Timeline & Budget Update

  • We’ve been hiring more aggressively than anticipated; this is affecting budget
  • However, due to late transition to org, budget should be sufficient to cover
    our needs until year end
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