Radicle Monthly Update - 29.7.20

Hey Community!

We’ve started working in one month cycles, coordinating work based on milestones laid out in our Feature Roadmap. Instead of smaller teams working on seperate parts of the stack, our whole team works together, organizing themselves based on the Key Features, Streams, or Discussions they are a part of.

Instead of bi-weekly development updates, we’ll be sharing an overview at the start of each cycle outlining what was done the month before and what we have planned for the month ahead. We’ll share these here in the :mega: Announcements channel.

For those interested in more detailed updates, we keep track of our work in the Product Status Dashboard that we continuously update week to week. This dashboard gives a look into progress towards releases, key features, and who’s working on what.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this way of working jives with our team as we get closer to our first beta release!