Radicle is planning a testnet?

I’m new here. I want to know is it possible to participate in the network and how? Is there the testnet? :slightly_smiling_face:


as I understood, u can install node of Radicle in Linux System and try to use it

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So no validators are officially recruited and no rewards are promised? Are you running a node just for yourself?

You can participate in the Radicle P2P network today by downloading Upstream and start replicating repositories.

As far as I understand, incentivised participation is reserved as part of the Seeders program (2% of the supply). There will probably be more information available soon.


I also want to! how to do it? tell me please

already running a node and providing a seednode. would be great if there were some information if there’ll be a testnet and if so what the requirements would be to be eligible to participate

If you’re running a seednode you’re already participating in the P2P Radicle network. The token lives on the Ethereum network and doesn’t require another Radicle Testnet at the moment.

ok thanks for the reply. appreciated. was just curious

have you heard anything new yet?

Nope, its been 3 days :sweat_smile:

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