Radicle Integrations & Tooling Org - Q1 2024 Update

Radicle Integrations & Tooling Org - Q1 2024 Update

General Announcements & Updates

Hello, world! :wave:

This is our very first Org Update, but we already have a lot to share from Q1 ! Considering that work was funded through the Radworks Grants Org, our progress report is on this post.

Quarterly Objectives Updates

No quarterly objective updates to report on yet, considering this Org has just come into being. Watch this space in Q3 and Q4. :wink:

Here is the plan for Q2:

Begin User Research:

  • Establish a process for collecting feedback / conducting user interviews that use Radicle Integrations & Tooling we develop.
    • Actively engage with users who are already interested in Radicle / ask questions about our tools (Zulip, Twitter, etc.)
    • Identify 6 users to interview (across all tooling / integrations)
    • Come up with list of tasks to ask users to complete
    • Plan and go through interviews, recording feedback
    • Channel feedback to the right team (RSN, RIT, Core)
    • Create issues for respective team with feature requests / bugs / improvement proposals

Development Roadmap:

(expand each section for details, as necessary)

Planning Boards:
  • Move persistence from issue labels to new Collaborative Object (COb), with new httpd endpoint for cob manipulation
  • Add option to show not only issues, but also patches on the boards, for a more lightweight workflow - not always requiring the creation of an issue(!!). Already completed!
  • Help onboard users to planning boards, etc.
CI Integrations:
  • Evolve integrations to report back external CI job results to the protocol, as opposed to simply as patch comments.
  • More stable and resilient broker + adapters.
  • Expand docs and deployment methods for broker + adapters (CI Integrations).
  • Support community users with onboarding to integrations
IDE Tooling:
  • VS Code:
    • Creating, Reviewing and Merging Patches directly from the IDE.
    • Radicle Notifications: Add support for Radicle Inbox
    • User onboarding and support
  • Jetbrains IDEs:
    • Revision Reviews.
      • Work on this is ongoing and the v0.9.0 release already allows adding a review. Check out the announcement for details.
    • Show status of radicle-node / radicle-httpd inside IDE
    • Radicle Notifications: Add support for Radicle Inbox
    • Support users with issues, help with onboarding, etc.

Timeline & Budget Update

No budget update yet. Coming up in the next quarters.