Radicle ENS Registry

I’ve seen mention of an ENS registry for radicle.eth where you can get a subdomain. There’s this site, which talks a bit about it:


But it has an expired SSL cert, the git repos that appear to be related are archived, and it doesn’t seem “active”.

Perhaps there is a way to do it writing directly to the contract located here:


Are subdomain registrations supported? If so how?



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@jebba I believe hat site is expired and not up-to-date anymore, meaning its currently not in use.

The new system is based on a contract on Ethereum. As far as I understand the subdomains should be xyz.rad.eth where xyz is the name you’d register. For now you can interact with the raw-contract (e.g. via Etherscan). Go to the Contract → Write → register function.


Ya, I saw that, but there were a few different fields and I wasn’t sure what to put in what. A bit dim here. :wink:

FYI - I haven’t done it so please DYOR :pray:. I’m waiting for the functionality to launch in the app.

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This is correct, except names are under radicle.eth instead of rad.eth.

The radicle ens registry registry uses a commit/reveal scheme to help prevent front running.

If you want to register a name you must first submit a commitment to that name by calling commit(commitment) where commitment is keccack256(abi.encodePacked(name, owner, salt)). salt should be a random number. Making a commitment costs registrationFeeRad RAD (currently 10).

Once the commitment has been successfully made, you must wait minCommitmentAge blocks (currently 10) before you can call register(name, owner, salt).

There is some deeper technical analysis regarding the registrar in the audit report: Radicle Audit Report:.


Wrote a basic tutorial this should cover everything you need to do


Cool, that worked, thanks! I got jebba.radicle.eth. :slight_smile:

Although, as a side note, can’t the Radicle ENS registry contract now spend all my RAD? (and ETH?)

Is there at least one article in Russian?

Jebba, you can also revoke the allowance. You can check which contracts have token allowances and for how much here:

Also 140 dollars for a name is a bit expensive, maybe we should eventually lower the price.