[#radicle_biweekly] 27.3.20

Hello Community! :seedling:

We’re trying to make it easier to contribute to the Radicle project! We’ve started tagging issues in our different repos. If you’re interested in getting involved in Radicle development check out this post for more details! :point_down:

And here’s our team updates:


  • CoCo has been iterating internally on discussions and code. A lot of this is work-in-progress and will likely lead to updates next week. Stay tuned!

    • To give an insight into what this is: code for managing [general] identities has been worked on by @mmassi , who plans to have code ready for review. @kim has provided radicle-link with some initial peer-gossip functionality. @fintohaps has merged the issue tracking model and is thinking about the [CRDT] operation-based semantics.



  • We have implemented block rewards! How it works: Miners will now add an inherent transaction to a block that sets the block author account. When a block is finalized the block author account receives some funds (#270). The block author also receives a share of the transaction fees with the rest just being burned (#276). The block author account is controlled with a CLI option (#272).


  • We’re excited to welcome @brandonhaslegs to the Product team! :sparkles: He’ll be working on all things design alongside @Julien.

  • We’ve started pushing more of our work to Discourse. Keep an eye on the product category for discussions on design & product development - like this post on colors :art:

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these troubling times :seedling:


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