[#radicle-biweekly] 24.2.20

Happy Monday :seedling:

Our first bi-weekly update of the new year is a more of a monthly update :wink: We took some time at our last Team Week in January to discuss and set an intention to open up our communication strategy (Check out Revisiting our communication strategy & style 🦑 for more on this)

As a result, these updates will be a collection of highlights from our team bi-weekly meetings that capture announcements, releases, and highlights of development to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what we’re working on. These updates will be listed under their associated project team (we have four dev teams: Coco, Product, Registry, and Application).

@coco :

@application :

@registry :

Finally, we’re super happy to have @NunoAlexandre @igor @garbados @mmassi and @sarah to the team ! :sparkles:

That’s it for now!

With love :seedling:
the radicle team