[#radicle_biweekly] 22.4.20

Hello Radicles! :seedling:

Check out our latest post on Radicle Link :link: — the peer-to-peer replication protocol that powers Radicle (and what the @coco team is building :wink:). Read for an overview on how we designed it and why.

Here’s our team updates:


  • We have pushed the foundation of the identity verification code, thanks to some great work from @mmassi .

  • We took some time as a team to reflect on our work and how we’ve been working together. As a result, we have organised a milestone on GitHub to track the our top priorities.

  • @fintohaps will discuss with @kim and @mmassi on why we should or should not use CRDTs for the implementation of code collaboration data. This will inform us on the next steps for the issue tracker.


  • Our team had an internal mid-quarter retrospective and feedback session where we discussed our working styles and reflected on how we can work better together.

  • Notable UI changes on the product side:

    • Identity is now integrated with the backend (#266)
    • Single commit screen got implemented (#278)
    • Transactions are now visible in the transaction center and transaction detail view (#242)
  • We’re also in the process of re-working our UI data fetching layer and switching our backend from GraphQL to REST (in #250 for the reasons described in #165)


  • We have been working on some documentation for the upcoming friends & family testnet release. We have all the tools in place for trialing the testnet infrastructure.

  • Check out @geigerzaehler this Thursday on a pre-Sub0 panel hosted by Parity Technologies. He’ll be talking about our experience with Substrate and the Radicle Registry!


  • @brandonhaslegs and I started doing some user research this week! If you’re interested giving us feedback on our protoypes for Upstream, let us know! We’ll be doing sessions every couple of weeks.

That’s it for this week!