[#radicle_biweekly] 18.5.20

Hey fellow Radicles :seedling:

Here are some development updates from the last two weeks!


  • Retrieving user and project identities is a large part of interacting with the Radicle network. In RFC: Identity Resolution, @kim proposes a way of organising and implementing how these entities are resolved without continuously making network calls to fetch entities for further validation. Discussions around this can be made on the PR directly or on Discourse: (RFC: Identity Resolution).

  • radicle-surf requires more work to help on the UI side of things as well as a start to the working providing “diffs”. @fintohaps has organised the work into a milestone so we can focus on prioritising those tasks.

  • The team is currently putting the task of collaboration tooling to bed for a bit as we focus on entities and networking work. We’ve left ourselves a slew of tickets to pick this up again when the time is right — these tickets can be found under the “collab” label.


  • We’ve been working on wrapping up the Identities I and Orgs I feature sets. Here are the most notable changes:

    • A session is now persisted across app boots;
    • It’s possible to register Orgs and Projects;
    • We now have a working commit history screen;
    • Projects open on README.md by default;
    • We’ve completed various visuals, which still need to be integrated;
    • Linux builds now work out-of-the-box, all dependencies are bundled in the package;
    • Emojis are consistent across platforms.
  • A list of all changes to Upstream for the past two weeks can be seen here.


  • We’ve done a first round of design work on Revisions I.

  • We designed a new settings page, check it out here.

  • After meeting to discuss this work earlier this week, we’ve got a clear direction for a second pass of Revision I, which should come closer to a final version. We’ll be testing a Figma prototype with users next week.

  • Here’s the product roadmap we use across our teams :sparkles:


  • After writing Rambles on updating the Radicle Registry, @NunoAlexandre organized some work into the Registry Updates milestone.

  • Added monitoring of more metrics via Prometheus API:

    • size of the best block
    • transactions in best block
    • chain reorganizations
    • invalid received transactions (contributed directly to Substrate)
    • invalid received blocks (contribution to Substrate in progress with help of Substrate devs)
  • Added Grafana alerts for the registry cloud cluster to monitor general network health

Have a great week!

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