[#radicle_biweekly] 12.3.20

Hello Radicles! :seedling:

This bi-weekly comes a little bit late as we were busy speaking at EthCC in Paris last week! Our talk was ‘Towards peer-to-peer code collaboration’ — it discussed why we’re building radicle and why.

If you’d like to watch the full video you can find it here. If you don’t have 47 min, this twitter thread has the highlights.




  • We have been working on implementing transaction fees in our blockchain, the Radicle Registry. We came to realize that for transactions that involve organizations, the fee should be paid by the organization itself. This requires us to have control over who pays the transaction fee. To achieve that, we have been exploring how to implement our custom transaction fees on top of Substrate (where the tx author is always the one paying for transaction fees). Having the organization pay for the fees introduces security concerns. The author of the transactions must be authorized to issue such transactions that impact the funds of an org. Currently, in a pre-dispatch phase, we must validate the transaction author to have enough funds to cover the fees. This prevents malicious authors from spamming the network with high bids on transactions. These will be prioritized but not materialized, resulting in neither paying for the tip.

That’s all for this cycle! See you in two weeks.