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What is DEV

DEV Protocol lets GitHub users tokenize their OSS projects and earn interest based on donations, both for patrons and creators.

Anyone who published their project can be staked with DEV tokens and get 30% APY, as well as the patron who gets 28% APY, so it’s beneficial for both sides and isn’t just a plain donation.


Upstream UI

Mostly it’s the same as I’ve written on the DEV forum, but I’d like to add a few more things there.

I think there could be a button with something like “Setup funding” showing for repositories you’re owner / creator of.

This button will open a modal where you can link a project from There could be a select list with all tokens that a user holds, to pick the one that is the project’s token. Or copy-pasting the address manually. I’m not sure which is better.

Once you put the address, it will fetch its info and display it in the modal to verify that the pool was found and is functioning correctly.

rough sketch:

After pool info getting fetch the repo owner can link a DEV pool to a repository. Since then the repo will have a “Sponsor” button that is shown for others:


The owner will be able to see their donations info by clicking on the same button with “Pool Info” (or some other) label:

This will show pool stats and have a “withdraw” button, the same way as on

Those mock-ups aren’t the final version and I think they could be designed better but the idea is this - provide GitHub-like sponsor functionality with DEV protocol.

Unclear parts

As mentioned earlier, DEV also rewards patrons with 28-29% APY. I’m not sure yet what’s the best way to display it when you have staked multiple projects. Same applies for multiple published projects. Opening each one every time to see rewards might be inconvenient.

For a single one, it’s this:


But when you have multiple, probably it’d be better if there was a screen for “Sponsor dashboard” or something like that with a list of pools you stake / a creator of. Don’t know what’s the best way to do this.

Useful resources

Here’s a set of links to help to implement this proposal in case it gains enough interest:


I’ll have to dig into DEV a lot more, but my immediate feedback is:

Are you aware of the Funding feature that Radicle is planning to build?

Reason I ask is it seems a good portion of this proposal may be redundant with features that are already being built. It’s definitely worth learning more about what is / isn’t being built already by the Radicle team. I think the proposal may need to be significantly rewritten to hash out how best to integrate DEV with Radicle.

With that said, the staking aspect of DEV is very interesting and is something I have not seen in any of Radicle’s Funding plans. So this portion of the proposal may be the most promising and I’d recommend focusing any rewrite around that topic.

My 2 cents.


Even if Radicle is building a solution for this, more funding and ways to monetize their projects is always better.

Also,Radicle’s solution could even be integrated into Dev Protocol even further. Dev Protocol is open to all sorts of ways to help Creators.


It’s worth noting that Dev Protocol also allows Creators to tokenize their projects, this is an extremely powerful way for them to further monetize their projects and empower their communities.

The team is working of making it easier for Creators to provide value for their own tokens, Staking Perks for example is being developed this week.


I’m Aggre from the Dev Protocol team. Dev Protocol has a mission for open asset creators, including OSS developers, to maximize their creativity. We are moving forward with OSS tokenization, staking as an alternative to donations, and building a DAO infrastructure with tokenized OSS.

[What’s DEV staking]: Staking transforms the relationship between patrons and developers from intermittent to continuous. And it’s sustainable. You can understand to some extent how it works for developers using Radicle by looking at how OSS tokenized with Dev Protocol is monetizing. It’s a monetization worth $ 10K ~ 60K. In addition to that, developers can get their own ERC20 tokens that they can use freely.

[Users reciprocity]: There is a strong approximation between Radicle and Dev Protocol users, and they can provide complementary utilities to each other. That is, users of both can enjoy each other’s utilities to pursue their benefits without any trade-offs.

[Separately]: Dev Protocol tokenizes GitHub repositories but considers supporting Radicle repositories as a new tokenization method. It could contribute to Radicle’s composability, and for Dev Protocol, bring in new users who share its sense of values.