Probos & Radicle - Multi-Chain Wallet for Radicle Users

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  • Project Name: Probos Wallet

  • Team Name: ElephantsLab, LCC. Suite 7066 6 Margaret St., Newry, UK, BT34 1DF

  • Payment Address: Ethereum (USDC) 0x53C1fAA438dF29cBa1C391202dBCFA058Fc44699

  • Level: :seedling:-Seed

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Project Overview

Probos Wallet is an infrastructure project building around, complementing, and popularizing Radicle ecosystem.

Probos is a wallet that pursues a smooth user experience when it comes to holding crypto assets. Our main goal is trouble-free user interaction with the world of DeFi and NFTs. The wallet features all the necessary functionality to swap and own crypto with ease. Probos NFT portfolio functionality is set to arrive soon, including detailed in-app NFT info, current market price, and more.

Here are our top features:

  • Non-Custodial
  • Web3
  • DApp Browser
  • WalletConnect
  • NFT Support
  • NFT Portfolio
  • Bitcoin Support
  • EVM-compatible Blockchains Support
  • Wallets Integration
  • Setting a Transaction Fee
  • Technical Support


Probos is a crypto wallet ready to become your reliable companion in the world of crypto assets. It enables you to conveniently hold NFTs & access important info about them. Probos is a multichain wallet that supports all the leading cryptocurrencies & any ERC20 token, which makes it a powerful tool for crypto portfolio management. The wallet connects iOS and Android users to the realm of DeFi thanks to its built-in dApp browser.

With handy features and an intuitive UI, Probos is geared up to appeal to beginners & experienced crypto enthusiasts alike, bringing crypto to the masses.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Anatolii Bilokon - Probos CEO & ElephantsLab co-founder. Anatolii has been researching blockchain since 2014 and involved in blockchain development in the capacity of CEO and CFO of various projects since 2018 when he co-founded the ElephantsLab blockchain development company;
  • Dmytro Zarezenko - Probos CTO and an MCS (Master of Computer Science). Dmytro has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and 5 in blockchain development. He authored multiple web3-related publications;
  • Yurii Baryshev - cryptography specialist with a Ph.D. His dissertation is about hash functions. Yurii authored and co-authored over 20 articles on blockchain;
  • Denys Chaplyhin - 5 years’ experience in coding. Denys’ top assets are Python, Node.js + Typescript, and Elixir;
  • Max Lisovskyi - has over 3 years’ experience in coding, 2,5 of which he spent in Flutter. Max also has experience with JavaScript, Dart, Kotlin, and Swift.


Sofiia Yanchuk (Marketer at Pobos)

Telegram @probosw

Legal Structure

ElephantsLab, LCC. Suite 7066 6 Margaret St., Newry, UK, BT34 1DF

Team’s experience

Probos Wallet is developed by ElephantsLab. ElephantsLab is a product blockchain development company. We develop solutions in the following areas: DeFi (DEX, DApp, Staking, Yield Farming, Lending, Launchpad), NFT (NFT Marketplace, NFT Staking, NFT Minting, NFT Collections), Cryptocurrency (ERC20, ERC1155 Tokens; Stablecoins), Crypto Wallets, Cross-Chain Bridges (Token Bridge, NFT Bridge), GameFi, the Metaverse.

The most fascinating about people is the diversity of opinion and the proclivity for divergent thinking that yields truly grand things. We value that and always welcome inventiveness in our team members, which helps us innovate and achieve important milestones. We appreciate our partners and believe that collaboration is key to meaningful development. You can view our portfolio at the link: Blockchain development company ᐉ ElephantsLab: Blockchain development services and expertise - New Vision from ElephantsLab

Team LinkedIn Profiles (if available)

Dmytro Zarezenko

Denys Chaplyhin

Maxim Lisovoy

Project Description :page_facing_up:

Radicle ecosystem supports projects concerned with creating decentralized digital assets and crypto tools, expanding the DeFi infrastructure, and contributing to crypto’s mass adoption in general. Developing the Probos app, we are highly motivated to improve the available crypto asset management functionality and user experience for both newcomers and savvy ones. With backing from rapidly growing blockchain ecosystems, we’ll be able to successfully supply people with easy access to web3 financial services and assets, boosting the latter’s liquidity.

As you’re focused on building your network out, we can code in tandem with you and have enough expertise & development power to furnish your ecosystem with impactful functionality and infrastructure solutions.

Deliverables :nut_and_bolt:

Please list the deliverables of the project in as much detail as possible. Please also estimate the amount of work required and try to divide the project into meaningful milestones.

Total Estimated Duration: 6 months

Total Budget: $50,000

Current stage: MVP is launched

Milestone 1 (18 weeks)

Number Deliverable Specification
1. Set Up 24/7 Technical Support and Finish NFT Portfolio Functionality NFT Portfolio Mechanics Development; Support for New Blockchains; Support for NFT Portfolio on the Radicle blockchain; Testing; App’s Frequent Marketplace Updates (AppStore, Google Play); Implementation of Analytics; Implementation of 24/7 Technical Support

Milestone 2 (3 weeks)

Number Deliverable Specification
2 Introduce NFT Portfolio Functionality Partnerships with First 3 NFT Marketplaces; Listing of First 3 Collection

Milestone 3 (3 weeks)

Number Deliverable Specification
Milestone 3 Launch Achievements Program Mechanics Development; Testing; App’s Frequent Marketplace Updates (AppStore, Google Play); Presentation of Probos Achievements Program for the audience (ads, AMAs, video reviews)

Future Plans


2021- 2022

  • Wallet Architecture Development
  • Multichain Support
  • Updates for Libraries
  • DApp Browser Development
  • WalletConnect Integration


  • Support for New Blockchains
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Implementation of analytics
  • NFT Support
  • NFT Portfolio
  • Achievements Program
  • Support for New Blockchains
  • Support for Naming Services
  • AML Checks
  • Crypto Buying and Selling
  • Fiat-to-Crypto Purchases

All technical updates will appear in the application immediately upon completion of their development, testing, and integration. All Probos app’s download metrics are public. But if the grant requires it, we can provide our internal analytics.

We are not interested in this grant application.

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