[Poll] Move Quarterly Community Calls?

TL;DR - We kindly request your input regarding the proposal to move the quarterly Community Calls back a few weeks at the beginning of each quarter to allow Org more time to deliver thorough financial/budget reports.

Currently, the quarterly Community Calls are scheduled for the 1st Wednesday from the start of a new quarter. The timing of this is planned so that each Org can reflect on the work they completed in the last quarter, as well as share goals and objectives planned for the coming quarter.

While generally effective, this timing poses challenges for budget reporting. It typically takes a few weeks after the close of a month or quarter to accurately assess spending, making it difficult for Org leads to provide comprehensive budget reports in their quarterly updates.

To address this issue, we propose shifting the quarterly Community Calls to the 4th Wednesday following the start of each new quarter. This adjustment will provide Orgs with more time to compile thorough budget reports for the community.

:point_right: Please respond to the poll below by Wednesday, May 1st. We would especially appreciate input from Org Leads and all Org contributors who regularly attend these calls!

Move quarterly Community Calls to 4th Wednesday of each new quarter?
  • In favor
  • Against
  • Don’t mind either way
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Thanks to everyone who responded here! We will move forward with moving the Community Calls back to the 4th Wednesday of a new quarter.

I will adjust the Community Calendar and proposed Annual Org Proposal Timeline accordingly.