Org Design Workstream Brief Update - Contributor Research & Interviews

Hello! This is a quick Org-Design Workstream Update which we’ll discuss in today’s Governance Call.

Thank to all 19! interviewees who kindly gave us your time and were willing to be open and share your experiences.

It was incredibly insightful. We got to better understand pain points and ideas around onboarding, the transition to the DAO (on both personal and org level) and cross-team collaboration. This has helped us outline some of the initiatives and operational resources needed in this journey.

An Initial Look

  • We ran 19 Interviews from Community Contributors, Core Team members, Core Team Leads, to Founders, across part-time and full-time.
  • Flexibility is a key value of working at Radicle. This includes both flexibility on time and the role definition/opportunity to contribute in many different areas.
  • There’s general interest in collaboration while respecting autonomy. Without forcing consensus, defining our connection points are important starting points: between product experiences, team syncs and in person experiences.
  • We need to further explore compensation and contributions models, including around project-based vs. role-based.
  • Many of you are most inspired and excited by the love of Radicle’s core mission (open source, code collab), the desire to reach product-market fit, and/or working with your fellow team members and contributors!

If you have anything you’d like to add or include from our interview, please do feel free to reach out to me or anyone on the team. You can find our contact details in the new Contributor Hub!

What’s Next

We’re planning on publishing our full learnings and insights (the meaty part) by next week Friday. This will include a summary of themes, most pressing questions, pain points, and some paths forward.

While we’re developing design parameters based on the interviews, we started to compile research of existing organization design frameworks, combining the research from Shelby’s DAO tooling. We’ll spend time doing this in June + July.

Meanwhile, there were quite a few people who were excited to contribute to the org-design at large. With initiatives like Collaborative Vision, Re-Evaluation of the RadicleDAO Stack, and Creation of a Product Group, our team is discussing how we can open up our workstream collaboration.

Finally, one of our goals is to workshop design components of minimum-viable-DAO V1 during the ETHCC Contributor Offsite!

More to come :sparkles: