Online repo viewer

First of all, excuse me if my english isn’t perfect, i’m french.
I really like Radicle, and I think it has a lot of potential, but its major problem is that, when you want to show someone ( who doesn’t have Radicle upstream of course ) your repo, well you can’t !
So I think you should make an online viewer ( a little like githuman before you :, in better :grin: ). Like that you’d only have to share a link and that’s it !
Thank you very much for your incredible work, and I hope you’ll take into consideration my idea.


feel free to tell me if there’s a problem with my english

Agreed! We are thinking about this, and plan to have some kind of read-only experience for viewers sometime in the future, that doesn’t require a download.


Thank you Very much !

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Thanks for the feedback @566f6d!

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I agree with this suggestion, seems very beneficial and important for the ecosystem.