Not seeing new commits

I have two workstations, each running a Radicle Upstream client.

  1. hynusw6e95g34tj1aic71pns1m5mbupdpwfz8zmxjs5o7s9exowg3e
  2. hybxizw6qn7tmnd8b5km96trfkjm3fgukxfyza755mkedc6i3b44qc

Both are visible in the seed node UI.

The first client is the maintainer of this project: rad:git:hwd1yre8zqhiwemfo7cioghicyxmgwxyed9wq8hnyc7t4dntfbnuyau4afy

The second client is following said project.

The first client has made new commits recently, which have been pushed (5 days ago, 2 days ago, today). But the second client can only see older commits, from 6 days ago. I think those were the commits that was there when I created the Radicle project. It’s based on an existing git repository.

Don’t know why that’s the case. Any ideas?

Now they synced up, so not a problem anymore. But it’s still strange.

Hej @hefu - thanks for reaching out and sharing your case. While we are generally seeing good performance with replication, it currently depends on a lot of factors. So seeing it being unreliable at times not surprising. There is a lot of work under way to have clients convergence more reliably, especially less reliance on ad-hoc gossip messages with more structured sync strategies.

Glad to hear that in the end it worked out, if you have more specific scenarios that don’t work bring them up.