New Radicle Discord server (unofficial initiative)

Hello everyone,

I have been using Radicle for quiet sometime, big fan of decentralized and open source softwares. Fell in love with Radicle when i came to know it’s open source and decentralized while supporting blockchain tech (I love cryptocurrenices).

But i have not been really active “with the community” since i don’t really use forums as much and matrix/freenod is just complicated for me. I am also the social media manager of Presearch (Decentralized search engine) and i have experience on creating and managing Discord servers. I really use Discord a lot as my friends are there and it’s the platform i look into everyday actively, while matrix/freenod is amazing, not something i am into, as i don’t use it and find it complicated to use compared to something like Discord.

Just created and slowly planning to improve it. It’s an unofficial initiative.

Anyone can join and help me, we are not going to be making many “roles”, it will be more like FFA on Discord, if we successfully get to do it. I am sure a lot of people use Discord here and find it easier to use it so this might be very beneficial/helpful.

A lot of other projects use Discord as well, so lmk if you want to help me:)


There’s an official Discord likely coming soon, so please consider holding off for a bit so the community is not split.
Ping @abbey


Hey @Luxuri ! Great initiative :slight_smile: I was planning on releasing our official Discord this week. Let’s sync when I have it up and running! Would love to have you help mod !


That’s amazing, let me know when we open up our Discord server:)