New Design File (Including a definitive look at our 1st Beta Release)

As we are finally approaching a clear understanding of what our 1st Beta release will look like, I’ve now built out a brand new Figma file for the app. Here you can find a complete Figma prototype of it. I’ve removed all features from future releases so that there’s no confusion about what will be included. (And here is the raw design file.) It’s important to note that this initial release includes no registry features—just a stripped down peer-to-peer code collaboration experience. I hope this makes it totally clear what we’re including in the 1st Beta.

That said, this Figma file also includes a full prototype of our first full-featured release which includes features such as Issues, Revisions, Discovery, Wallet, Seed Phrase Security, and Funding Pools. And again, the raw design file can be found here and is very much still in progress, as our full featured release is still months away.

If anyone sees anything in the Beta 1 file that should not be included, let me know and I’ll fix it.