My project's webpage has disappeared - what happened?


If the link structure changed, searching doesn’t bring it up. Name: RadiusLocker

Can still be cloned via the rad project ID via ‘git clone

I created a repo just now and I can’t find my repo anywhere although git cloning it works.

Probably best to ask the team on Zulip, where the code collaboration team hangs out.

What is this project actually about? One of the main functionality is dead and no one seems to care? What does governance mean? And what is RAD?

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Hi @tusharhero and @merrycachemiss.

We are currently migrating from our legacy code collab protocol to a new protocol called heartwood, see for more information

I took the liberty and deployed the radicle-interface on it’s legacy branch to Netlify so people can still see their repos deployed on the radicle-cli and the radicle-client-services seed nodes.
You can find it here

There are currently quite a few projects:

Also the current Radicle code collab stack is being deprecated and we are starting to use heartwood for the development of heartwood, so hopefully when the kinks are ironed out, we can release it to the public.

@merrycachemiss here you can still see your repo