Marketing Team Community Update - January 2023

Progress in Marketing

Hello all! This is the monthly update from your nascent marketing team :wink: I’d like to start by reiterating the following from the December update:

Q1 2023 Marketing Goals:

  1. Create marketing core team in the DAO. Build and gain buy-in for comprehensive 2023 marketing strategy, including new brand hierarchy and ecosystem approach, positioning & core messaging.
  2. Talk to at least 5 individuals and 5 target customer projects about their pain points related to our potential value proposition, and deliver market feedback to builder teams.
  3. Identify top 2-4 channels for content distribution, create content plan & put tracking in place to ensure we’re able to optimize for impact in 2023.

The approach we’re taking to accomplishing these goals & setting ourselves up for success this quarter is to spend the first part of the quarter learning about all things Radicle - products, people, structure, how work gets done, and where we’re headed, and develop trust & rapport with the core team. This is ongoing work, and we’re making good progress.

As we get into February, we’ll pivot to creating the first version of a multi-disciplinary marketing squad. We’ll start to work more closely together as a team, put a few things out there, gather learnings, iterate, and build our way up to bigger & bigger projects and goals over the coming months and quarters.

Other focus areas:
Events & ETH Denver
Coordinating with Becca on our overall marketing presence. Aligned that we’re bringing only the Drips brand & this will be our primary focus for this activation. I am looking forward to attending in person on behalf of Radicle as well to connect with potential partners, learn about painpoints and meet up with several of you!

Audience & market research
We’re gathering materials & best practices from other web3 ecosystems on audience definition & prioritization, market size, and other key areas that will guide our planning efforts. Great work happening in Drips. Watch this space.

@ettinger and @maddybergen have migrated from EGF to Marketing. They’re working on a few key projects as we build out our overall marketing strategy, including creating social media guidelines (focused on Twitter), the Bear for Builders podcast, and the newsletter (which we recently migrated from Revue). I’ve also been continuing conversations with a few other potential contributors from outside the Radicle ecosystem who have complementary marketing skill sets. I’ll share more about our team and any developments as we work on a formal proposal to the DAO next month.


We’re just getting started and looking to spend more time getting to know you all, so please reach out to introduce yourselves if you haven’t already! - Sean


How can community members be involved in radical marketing team activities??

Thanks for asking! We’re focused on getting a few foundational pieces in place first and then we’ll be sharing more about how you and everyone else can get involved! More soon :slight_smile: