Link team January 26th Community Update

Main things this month

  • The offline tracking work landed. This allows applications to track a project
    URN without knowing any peer IDs which would provide the URN. This means that
    a lot of logic which previously required there to be a running instance of the
    daemon crate can now just depend on librad to track a given URN. There is
    still some work to be done to build a migration tool which will automatically
    upgrade current repositories to the new layout, that should land in the next
    few weeks.
  • We’ve made a lot of progress on the application architecture RFC.
    Specifically, we have a proof of concept of a local git server which interacts
    with the monorepo and with a peer to peer node which is activated on demand.
    The upshot of this is that it’s possible to interact with the radicle network
    purely via git (i.e. git clone to fetch a project from radicle git push to
    send new changes). I’m working on getting a first version of this merged and
    packaged for Arch Linux (and maybe OSX at a stretch).
  • We’ve produced our roadmap for 2022 which can be found here

What’s next

  • Were working hard on getting a first version of the application architecture RFC completed.
  • We’re beginning work on the mutual synchronisation RFC implementation which should make
    replication more reliable and debuggable