Link November 2021 Community Update

Hey :wave:

It’s your favourite protocol team, here to give you a monthly update :seedling:

What’s Cooked?


We now have an announcement mailing list. We’ve kicked it off by x-posting the releases there. For those that are less inclined to subscribe to the dev mailing list, this list is less noisy – but arguably not as interesting :wink:

Collaborative Objects

They’re merged! :partying_face: What a time to be alive! We, and without a doubt you, want to start playing with them. Some prep needs to get in for that to be a reality – more on that later.


We have added a README for the CLI. It contains enough information to get you started for playing with the rad-suite of commands.

We have also merged in the ability to diff a Project or Person identity against a peer’s. This means that your peer can update these identities and you can thus check the difference. But of course, that’d be useless if we couldn’t accept the change. Well, that’s there too :slight_smile: CAUTION though! Concurrent changes need to be fleshed out, so we assume the change is linear and generally accepted out-of-band. This new change should allow us to add more delegates to our Projects!


The foundation continues to be laid for replication v3. We have introduced the link-async and link-git crates for easier (:crossed_fingers:) to reason about concurrency and memory-mapped files.

Tracking Storage

RFC 0699 has been accepted and merged! This will enable some nice features when married with the replication v3 changes (due to git protocol v2). We encourage you to read the RFC for more details :nerd_face:


There have been some great discussions over the past month, as noted in the latest release notes. Here they are:


And of course, there were some other fixes along the way, but we won’t bore you with the details :yawning_face:

What’s coming next?


Replication v3 will be continued to work – it’s looking closer and closer by the day :eyes:

Tracking Storage

The implementation of RFC 0699 will be underway, so expect a patch series in a mailing list near you!

The Resurrection of linkd

After the discussions on the application architecture as well as the protocol scope, we have set out to continue working on linkd and its connecting components. We will be looking to implement a way for the linkd node to receive outside process events, eg. git push, and act upon them.

This was all kicked by the want – no, the need – to play with collaborative objects and start collaborating :handshake:

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading.

Stay Radicle,
The Link Team :chains:

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