Link June 2022 Community Update

Welcome, take a seat :chair:

It’s been another light month, with the Link Team taking some personal time. However, we came back and played around with some of our own executables, so let’s go over how that went and what other news we have in the real of Link.

Storage Hooks

Previously, Link May 2022 Community Update, we mentioned that the storage hooks RFC was proposed. The implementation of this work is now completed and we will be following up on this by wiring it into the linkd code. This will allow applications to define hooks that can react to changes to URNs and tracking relationships.


We have stabilised replication-v3 and removed the previous implementation of replication. This means that there is no longer a replication-v3 feature flag (making our lives significantly easier). Further work on replication will take place in the future, which will mostly involve the removal of gitoxide as a dependency and using a mixture of our own implementation and git2.

Using Git+Lnk

The most exciting news is that after doing a quick test with gitd, we took a crack at trying to set up our own lnkd seed and hosting a radicle-link mirror there. We went through the flow of using the lnk CLI to set up our own Person documents, the radicle-link Project, and x-signed an update for us to be delegates of the Project. The overall goal was a success and we were able to exchange some code using various calls to git fetch, git push, and lnk sync.

There were, however, some very rough edges during the process. We have documented the majority of these on the mailing list, Dog Food Experience Report — sourcehut lists.

Our short term plan is to improve some of these rough edges so we can confidently guide others to try out the tools and integrate more of the radicle-link stack into the existing applications.


Last, but not least (probably most really), we are hiring! Check out the roles we’re looking for and see if any of them tickle your fancy :pinching_hand:

Stay Radicle,
The Link Team :v: :seedling: :link: