Link July 2022 Community Update

Bonjour, comment ça va? :fr:


Development has been a little bit slower over the past month, having only cut two releases:

The work has mostly involved some fixes that we came across while dogfooding.

From the dogfooding experience, we realised that it’s necessary to have more control over the gitd process when communicating reference names from/to the link storage. This prompted us to have a more fleshed-out RFC describing gitd:


Most of our efforts have involved hiring new people for the Link Team. We have been hard at work interviewing and evaluating candidates, even getting a few onboard. Expect to see a few new faces on the mailing list :wave::blush:

Paris Offsite

Another reason we haven’t made much visible progress is that we spent a week in Paris enjoying the stimulating conversations at the Radicle Offsite and some other events (as well as some dancing :dancer: :man_dancing:)

Something that came out of chatting with other team members was the usability of the Link identity system. We’ve known that it’s been hard to use and requires some love and attention. This has sent us down some research :hole: :rabbit2: Some of the technical aspects we want to be thinking about while digging in are:

  • Key management (including rotation and compromise) – can we add this to the “hard problems in computer science” list?
  • Decentralised agreement – how can delegates update the metadata of a project in a friendly process?

We’re diving into our past conversations and revisiting DIDs and the progress that has happened there. Expect to see some updates on our findings on the mailing list.

A bientôt,
The Link Team :v: