Link January 2022 Community Update

Hey :wave:

It’s that time again! :seedling: :chains:

What’s Cooked?

It’s been a quieter month, so the most cooking done was the (vegan) turkey. However, there was still some major progress on… :drum:


We’ve been talking about it for what has felt like so long, but here it is! The v3 of replication has been merged. It’s guarded behind a replication-v3 feature flag and the changeover from v2 to v3 is made as smooth as possible. We encourage downstream dependents to try it out ASAP, as we will deprecate v2 within the month.

What’s Cooking?

With the new year gone, we’ve taken the time to start some road planning :railway_track: The proposal can be found here. In short, our main objective is to host radicle-link using radicle-link. This involves improvements to networking, playing with collaborative objects, fleshing out the peer-to-peer stack, and some more general stabilisation of existing infrastructure. It’s going to be a busy year ahead :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Honourable Mention

We found out that @xla won’t be continuing to work alongside us, but we hope to see him around the project in the coming future. It’s been a pleasure to work with you :heart: :family_man_man_boy_boy:

Stay Radicle,
The Link Team :chains:

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