Link August 2022 Community Update

Are you well? 'Cause you’re looking well


Due to the previously mentioned :hole: :rabbit2: 's there hasn’t been much development on radicle-link in the past month. The work done on the code base has been maintenance work in terms of some extra testing (and bug fixes) as well as some tooling upgrades:

Team Changes

I’m sad to say that @alexgood will no longer be working full-time on Radicle anymore. But I’m glad to see him go to work with Ink & Switch as the lead maintainer on automerge :blush: He will still be planning on partaking in discussions in an open source fashion. We also still plan on using automerge for collaborative objects, so now we have a person on the inside :wink:

I’m also pleased to announce the additions of Han and Jorge to the team! They’re already getting stuck into some coding and research :grin:

Going Forward

Our ongoing research has led us to rethink some of the aspects of the protocol we’re going to work on. Currently, we have a series of notes in disparate places. We will consolidate these plans into one place for discussion and iteration, so keep an eye out for things to come :eyes:

Stay Radicle,
The Link Team :v: :seedling: :chains: