LearnWeb3 DAO - Grant Application

Radicle Grant Application

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  • Project Name: LearnWeb3 DAO - Radicle Track
  • Team Name: LearnWeb3 DAO
  • Payment Address: 0xD14033Fe2Da1DBFbe9A500D063BeF86368DB44B2
  • Level :seedling:-Seed

Project Overview :page_facing_up:


LearnWeb3 DAO is the fastest growing, and best, education platform to onboard new and experienced developers onto Web3.

In less than a month, we have grown organically to over 10k on socials and ~5k students registered and taking lessons on our website and buidling with the community in Discord.

Our team is seasoned with years of experience, having held positions at Coinbase, Ceramic Network, Dapper Labs, Metamask, etc. and contributed open source to W3C, Hyperledger Foundation, and more.

We were already, individually, helping friends and family onboard web3 for years, and decided to get together to formalize and structure it into something that is now known as LearnWeb3 DAO. Before doing this, we looked at existing alternatives, and realized that good education options are paywalled or limited, and free alternatives are not up to what we have come to expect from web2 edtech.

We focus on the “why” more than the “how”. Our students learn a mixture of conceptual and practical topics, and get tested on their knowledge after each level. This has created a great feedback loop.

We are built on the core belief that education must be inclusive and free for all students. As such, to keep up with our fast growth, grants are the only way currently to sustain ourselves and keep buidling this public good.

As students progress through our tracks, they are over time looking at decentralization from different perspectives to grok the value of blockchain technology. So far, we have had them use Github as for a lot of newer developers it was an easier option and they could find a lot of existing resources on it.

However, in the spirit of open source, censorship resistance, and decentralized protocols - we want to introduce them to Radicle.

Our team is a strong believer in the good that decentralized technologies provide, and have personally faced issues with centralized protocols. (Even the LearnWeb3 DAO twitter handle got banned by Twitter for a couple of weeks in December, for reasons only they know and understand, followed by a mystical unban a day before we decided to restart with a new handle)

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Name of team leader: Haardik
  • Names of team members: Sneh Koul, Kacie Ahmed


Legal Structure

  • Registered Address: A1880, 49th Street Marion, IA 52302, USA
  • Registered Legal Entity: FullSend, Inc.

Team’s experience

Developer for over 10 years, blockchain developer for almost 5. Previously worked at Dapper Labs and SecureKey, currently working at Ceramic Network as Protocol Engineer. Spent 2+ years deep in the decentralized identity space, contributing to open source libraries for the Decentralized ID Foundation and the Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Aries projects.

(Blockchain) developer for 4 years. Previously worked at Metamask, and currently working at Coinbase as a Software Engineer in Blockchain Security. Won 5+ ETHGlobal hackathons, and developed a few NFT games.

Developer for ~2 years. Excellent at DevRel and Growth.

Other than Radicle, we have applied for grants from other web3 cos that we would also like to make educational content for. Amounts vary dependent on scope of work.

Team Code Repos

Please also provide the GitHub accounts of all team members. If they contain no activity, references to projects/repos hosted elsewhere are also fine.

Team LinkedIn Profiles (if available)

Project Description :page_facing_up:

We would like to include a level or two in our Junior track about Radicle. The Junior track is widely focused on the web3 ecosystem and learnings about the platforms, frameworks, and tooling that exists. Radicle would be a great fit there as an open, decentralized alternative to Microsoft’s github.

In the future, it may also be interesting to explore further and build a depth track for Radicle diving deep into the technical design of the system.

Deliverables :nut_and_bolt:

For this grant, we will only consider the Junior track levels

  • Total Estimated Duration: ~1-2 weeks
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): ~1 weeks
  • Total Costs: 5000 USD

We expect the Junior track to release around end of February.

Milestone 1

Please add additional milestones in the same way:

  • Estimated Duration: 3-5 days
  • FTE: 3-5 days
  • Costs: 2500 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Conceptual level which explains what Radicle is, the motivation behind Radicle, how it works, comparison to Github, what tech stack it is built on, etc Will be present as a level in our Junior Track
2. Accompanying skill test for above level We test our students’ knowledge by building skill tests for each level. By doing this, we can verify that they are learning, and are awarded graduation NFTs if they can pass the skill tests for all levels in a given track.

Milestone 2

Please add additional milestones in the same way:

  • Estimated Duration: 3-5 days
  • FTE: 3-5 days
  • Costs: 2500 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. How to use Radicle as a VCS Practical level which explains how to use Radicle as an alternative to Github
2. Skill test Automated verification for a Radicle repo

Future Plans

Please include the following:

  • How you intend to use, enhance, promote and support your project in the short term
  • The team’s long-term plans and intentions in relation to it. In other words, how will it be made sustainable?

In the future, we would like to explore dedicating an entire depth track to Radical. Typically, depth tracks include ~10 levels in them, which dive deep into specific topics. We could talk about Radicle’s system design and go really deep into it. This would be a larger project and would likely require additional funding.

Additional Information :heavy_plus_sign:

How did you hear about the Grants Program? Radicle Website

Here you can also add any additional information that you think is relevant to this application but isn’t part of it already, such as:

  • Work you have already done.
  • If there are any other teams who have already contributed (financially) to the project.
  • Previous grants you may have applied for.

LearnWeb3 DAO currently has two tracks - Freshman and Sophomore - publicaly available. Junior is in progress with the aim of releasing by end of February. We are a small, but highly dedicated team, doing this as a public good to give back to the community which has given us so much over the years.

We have requested grants from other teams, but have not yet received a contribution.


Seems like a great initiative! I appreciate the scope of the initial milestones and think the project would benefit from more outside/community-written onboarding guides. Would be interested to explore how we can loop drips.network in there as well :slight_smile:

Agree with @abbey 's points.
This looks awesome!

We will begin the process for funding this grant, which you can publicly track on the Transactions page of our Gnosis Safe here:

As a reminder, the funding schedule will be as follows:

  • 500 USDC up-front for milestone 1
  • Remaining 2000 USDC for milestone 1 upon completion
  • 500 USDC up-front for milestone 2, upon milestone completion
  • Remaining 2000 USDC for milestone 2 upon completion

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Looks great! Supportive of this initiative.

Thank you @abbey @bordumb @ nas (i can only mention 2 people) - really appreciate all the positive comments

You guys move fast! Thank you :smiley: We shall not disappoint.

P.S. Is there a way to ask questions and get feedback on our content before we release it other than this forum? Discord or Telegram would be awesome!

Looks great @haardikk21 , love what you all are doing at LearnWeb3DAO, I’m supportive of this initiative as well!


Thanks a lot @dabit3 - means a lot coming from you!
Love D_D!

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Is there a way to ask questions and get feedback on our content before we release it other than this forum?

A few avenues here:

  • Please join our Discord (invite link here). We have a space for Grants on there and can answer questions there.
  • If any of your work is drafted somewhere, feel free to send it to us (sharing it here or on Discord is fine). If you work with GitHub, sending us a link to a PR, for example is also fine.
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@haardikk21 has shared the draft for milestone 1 here:

A few questions:

  • Will this content live on some central LearnWeb3 site? (Right now it seems like it’s a standalone page on Notion, so it’s unclear how it cohesively sits with other content)
  • Do you have some info on how far along part 2 of the milestone is? Is it possible to see how this works?
  1. Yes it will. It will live as part of the Junior track which is slated to come out by the end of this week.
  2. Since the scope of work for milestone 2 was increased, I shifted focus to complete all the other levels for this track. I will likely take a look into building the new CLI tools and setting up the node etc closer to end of week as well.
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Forgot to mention this in the last reply, but the ‘central LearnWeb3 site’ where all content lives is https://learnweb3.io/

You need to be logged in to look at the content. Radicle levels will be a part of our Junior track there.

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Thanks s bunch for the clarifications.

Your guys’ site looks awesome! Really nice job on that.

FYI, I have started the final 2000 USDC transaction for Milestone 1
I’ll rally other members to get that finalized.

Transaction info here:

Looking forward to see Milestone 2! :smiley:

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Thank you! Appreciate it :smiley:

P.S. Milestone 1 is now live under the Junior track. I will start setting up a Radicle node and retroactively add a practical level using the CLI over the weekend.


Looks great @haardikk21 ! Only suggestion is to maybe take a look at @odyslam’s recent tweetstorm on Radicle. His description is probably one of the best overviews to date! You might pull some good learnings from it for Milestone #1 or #2.

Looking forward to seeing the writeups on the CLI!

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Thank you @abbey - will take a look and made modifications if needed :smiley:

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Hey @haardikk21 !

Hope all is well in your part of the world :slight_smile:

How is the 2nd milestone going?

Let us know if you need to get connected to any resources (docs, discord support, etc.)

Thanks and take care!

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Hey @bordumb - how are you? I’m sorry for the very late reply here.

I believe we had talked about this on Discord. At the time we were doing this, Radicle did not have a CLI/Tool that worked well on Windows without needing to compile from source. We did not ‘abandon’ this project - but rather we were waiting for a Windows version to be released to add the practical topic to the course.

We got distracted and didn’t check for a while, and I just checked and it looks like the official recommendation has been changed to become WSL. In light of this, I will work on adding the second practical track and suggest using WSL for Windows users. This will be completed shortly and you can update the status from ‘abandoned’ to ‘completed’.


can’t wait to see radicle in action!:rocket:

@haardikk21 another Grantee recently shared some workarounds for CLI on Windows.

Can you please take a look at the docs below?