Issues trying out the project

I’m interested in checking out the project, but I find getting started hard. I hope someone corrects me if I write some incorrect things :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, there was ffnet and radicle-registry, but they’re dead now.

There is also radicle-link, but it’s super not ready, right? Starting it up on its own does… nothing.

So the project has a new WIP network and an existing somewhat working frontend (radicle-upstream). There’s no way to join some test network to play with the new system.

Or am I completely misunderstanding the state / updates?

Also is there any documentation about what the funds are for? I saw transactions / accounts, but have no idea how it ties with the project.

Hey @viraptor! Thanks for the Q’s.

Right now everything is still WIP — we’re currently hooking up all the pieces in preparation for our beta release in the coming weeks. With that release, you’ll have all that you need to start messing around with the network (radicle-link) and will be able to play with the frontend app (radicle-upstream).

The ffnet & radicle-registry were experimental components that are now being architected as we focus on getting the p2p protocol & app stable and ready for release.

For the most up-to-date status of the project, I’d direct you to our GitHub projects and our Product Dashboard. We’re working on getting our documentation in good shape for the beta release, so hopefully things will be easier for you to play with when everything is stable :pray:

Sorry for any confusion! Lmk if you have more Q’s.