Invoicing for Radicle Grants

Hi folks,

I’m trying to figure out the tax options around the Grants and I was wondering if it would be possible for a company to issue an invoice to the Radicle Foundation(?) for the funds received as part of a grant? :thinking:

I am not exactly sure how the Foundation and the DAO are currently related, so perhaps this is not an option - please feel free to point me in the right direction.

My second question is around the currency of the invoice. Considering invoicing in cryptocurrency isn’t really a thing yet, could the amount of the invoice be the amount of converting USDC in EUR, with the closing price of the USD-EUR on the day of the conversion transaction ?

Finally, I guess the date of the invoice would have to be the date of the conversion and not the day when the USDC transaction took place (even though the latter would make more sense).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and assistance !


@bordumb do you think we could ping someone from the Foundation here for some input ?