How is the number of peer connections managed?

I’m having a hard time figuring out how the peers are managed.

Most of the time I get only 10 peers connected, which I thought was some kind of soft-limit / target. I can’t find that in the source though - the only relevant thing was the 32 disconnected entries for the seed (

However today I woke up to the upstream client saying “You’re connected to 160 peers.” (I’ve got only 2 seeds configured)

What kind of behaviour should I expect? And is the upstream peer finding / gossiping behaviour different than seed’s?


It’s probably that non-widely known seeds should bootstrap through known ones – otherwise they’d always get partitioned when the last peer who knows both disconnects. I’m not sure this is actually possible with the current executable.

That being said, the currently released networking is pretty much cough MVP code. Check out for what’s coming up.

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