HomeBrew installation issue

Hi there,
I’m trying to install from HomeBrew on my Mac (12.6.2).
Following the instructions I get the following:

√ % brew tap radicle/cli https://seed.alt-clients.radicle.xyz/radicle-cli-homebrew.git
√ % brew install radicle-cli
Warning: No available formula with the name "radicle-cli". Did you mean cartridge-cli?

Searching Brew.sh I find radicle-upstream.

√ % brew install --cask radicle-upstream
==> Downloading https://releases.radicle.xyz/radicle-upstream-0.3.2.dmg
curl: (35) LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to releases.radicle.xyz:443 

Error: Download failed on Cask 'radicle-upstream' with message: Download failed: https://releases.radicle.xyz/radicle-upstream-0.3.2.dmg

Any help to get past this would be much appreciated.

I tried the MacPorts install method and got this:

√ ~ % cargo install radicle-cli --force --locked --git https://seed.alt-clients.radicle.xyz/radicle-cli.git
    Updating git repository `https://seed.alt-clients.radicle.xyz/radicle-cli.git`
error: reference 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD' not found; class=Reference (4); code=NotFound (-3)