Hi 👋 I'm Abbey, your community moderator

Hi Radicle Community! :seedling:

I’m Abbey, and I’m the lead community moderator for the Radicle governance forum. I’ll be supporting you all with documentation and guidance as you participate in the governance of the Radicle network.

I’ll be stewarding the project’s governance by:

  • Supporting community members as they move proposals from stage to stage.

  • Improving and refining our governance processes based on community feedback and experience.

  • Managing communication between core Radicle stakeholders to ensure proper participation and engagement.

In the future, I hope to see additional moderators emerge from within the community. If that’s something you’re interested in, participating in this forum is a great way to show your interest!

Next Steps for Governance

In addition to this introduction, I’d like to present an updated version of our official Governance Process. This iteration introduces four stages for discussing, developing, and creating Radicle Governance Proposals.

  1. Temperature Check :fire: - an informal discussion with no time limit presenting a general, non-biased question about a potential change, improvement, or action to the community.

  2. Structured Discussion :seedling: - a structured discussion (3-5 days) about a drafted proposal that outlines a thorough analysis of a proposed change or action.

  3. Formal Review :herb: - a draft proposal submitted for a 5-day formal review via Snapshot.

  4. Governance Proposal :sunflower: - an official proposal deployed for a 3-day on-chain voting period

Community members - or “champions” - will be expected to escalate their proposal through the process themselves, while abiding by the guidelines and expectations outlined for each stage. Community moderators (me :wave:) will support champions as they navigate the process.

For more details on the requirements for each stage, please refer to the official post outlining the official Governance Process:

If you’d like to share thoughts and feedback on this iteration, feel free to join the discussion in the comments below :sparkles:



One thought is that discussions often start outside of this forum, and so the initial stages, at least the “Temperature Check” might be superfluous in that case. It would still be useful for people wanting to submit proposals to benefit from the later stages of discussion however, on this forum, so allowing eg. structured discussion without a temperature check would allow for more visibility on proposals that didn’t start on this forum.

I think it’s important to remember that off-chain polling for eg. is a way to avoid upfront investment in a crafting a proposal that would not pass if submitted. These are tools that help us reach consensus and invest our time intelligently, not barriers one needs to cross. In the end, the Radicle governance process is decentralized at its core.

Hello, Abbey. The discssion of “distubtion of unsold token” for long time. When will we begin the vote?

Hello, Abbey. The discssion of “distubtion of unsold token” for long time. When will we begin the vote?