Growth update - August 2022


The month of August was filled with a lot of change across the product and protocol teams, which has implications for key parts of growth, so much of it was spent reconfiguring. We have the foundation of team and infra for growing awareness via marketing and dev rel efforts up and running. Our cohort programme for growing mission aligned builders in the Radicle ecosystem is progressing well and we hope to have a strategy ready to share with the community and implement by the end of September.

Funding (Drips protocol)

  • We’ve spent the month getting aligned with the Drips team on their strategy as they adapt to focus more on product and mission aligned partners for protocol integrations.
    • We aligned with the Council and Drips/Funding team with our Mission Aligned Organizations (MAOs) document and further voting of each contributor top organizations. Which led to defining 3 tiers among the most voted ones.
      • Tier 1: Gitcoin - The Graph - Optimism - Filecoin Foundation
      • Tier 2: Giveth - Ethereum Foundation - Protocol Labs
      • Tier 3: Sustain OSS - Ink and Switch - Flashbots - Popcorn Network
  • Our aim is to get clear on who we want to target in terms of partnerships, clarify our proposition and start testing this with the market in September.
    • The team is analyzing each organization to understand their goals and initiatives to craft a pitch for each of them.

Code collab

  • Research + Feedback - We’ve been working with the product working group to get clear on a pitch to take out to initial target FOSS communities in order to test, validate, and iterate on product prioritisation and positioning. We are almost aligned on what this messaging should be and so should start testing with communities in September.
  • We paused recruitment support for the Link team as they’ve been restructuring and getting more integrated with the alt-clients (clients…? :wink:) team.


  1. The cohort programme team has been progressing very well in building out the strategy and getting ready to launch a cohort programme that will onboard builders onto the radicle mission and have them build products that are mission aligned. A good example of what we are trying to achieve is what HiFi Labs just launched.
  2. With the changes to the strategies of code collab and drips (now funding) teams, we’ve slowed down to assess what is the best target persona for us to target and support via this programme.

Dev rel team setup support

  • The team has started with a focus on growing awareness of radicle amongst developers that are trying to learn web3 technologies. They’re progressing well with a number of content pieces targeted at developers already produced.
  • Once the Drips protocol is on mainnet and ready for use the team can focus efforts on education and support of developers that are working to build on the protocol.
  • They now have access to mirror, youtube, and twitter, so we should start seeing the fruits of their labour :nerd_face:
  • content pipeline can be found here:

Marketing team support

  • The marketing team is now in a good place with a strong group of contributors that are able to to deliver on the first milestone of 5 pieces of content on a monthly basis.
  • The team has been spending the month getting aligned on vision and mission as well as getting access to key owned channels. We should start seeing a lot more output in the form of newsletter, product marketing, podcast, and social media management next month.

peace :seedling: