Growth team November 2022 community update

Hi All.

As mentioned in last month’s growth update and teased by @Shelb_ee in this month’s community call, the growth core team is being sunset :city_dusk: .

Following the strategy shift and team consolidation to code collab and funding teams we have tried to find a way to be productive as a growth team, but no longer felt it was the right approach to operate as an independent team.

Growth contributor next steps:

  • @Lfada has largely been working with the funding team and will now officially move over to the team.
  • @ettinger and @maddybergen have been speaking with @sean as he comes in to lead marketing. I spoke to Sean following his departure from Gitcoin as was keen for him to take the marketing responsibilities back to an independent team, which ended up in our team after Thom left. I’m excited about what this team will deliver.
  • @matto, @maddybergen and I have been working on research and education initiatives under the banner of radicle institute. This work would be done under a new org in the DAO, for which we have developed a draft stage proposal. We’re still deciding on whether it makes sense to make this proposal, as we feel we need more clarity on how Orgs in the DAO will work.

I also posted the Ecosystem Growth Fund retrospective recently (Ecosystem Growth Fund - retrospective). As mentioned, our key takeaway was that the ecosystem is at a very early stage and the highest leverage growth activity we could be working on is research and education. We believe this is key to growing the number of productive builders in the Radicle ecosystem.

Regardless of whether we go ahead with the proposal, we are still planning to remain active in the ecosystem. I am personally still contributing to the grants programme and working on Devnode, which was funded by the grants programme to build tools for developer learning and education.

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