🚀 Growth May 2022 Update

Hi all. Growth team updates for May 2022:

What’s going well

Radicle code collab + Early user programme

Kai and Luke have been onboarding a bunch of DAOs, including ppl from Bankless, D_D, Helium, etc. All in all, there are 20 people going through the early user program as we speak, and 8 more projects with around 20 to 30 people that said they were interested in joining the program, but we haven’t had an onboarding call yet. Check the full funnel here.

We are jumping into discovery calls, onboarding, and feedback sessions (find call notes here) with each and every one of them. On top of that, we have a feedback tracker to be able to identify bugs, opportunities, and new feature requests.

On the broad scale of things, our goals are to reduce friction for users to start using Radicle (Installing the CLI, onboarding docs, identifying bugs, etc), and form an educated hypothesis around what features/use cases will get us to market fit.

Some of the early findings on the feedback tracker:

  • #Improvement: The CLI is extremely hard to install. Potentially bundle the CLI as a binary.
  • #Feature Request: Issue management - core component of dev workflow
  • #Feature Request: VSCode extension to manage Radicle projects. Ie.: Have comments inside VSCode to keep things locally
  • #Bug: Rad CLI install from Brew runs into SSL certificate problem

Drips protocol roll out

The drips protocol team has been getting more focused on being the best protocol for streaming and splitting funds. This is really starting to connect with the market with us working to demonstrate how our design decisions make us a superior solution to superfluid and 0xsplits on a number of key lenses. We’re in talks with a number of DAO tooling platforms about leveraging the protocol as part of their stack. We have the first few that are planning to integrate and now that the SDK is out we hope we will have demos to help onboard a growing number of platforms.

Dev rel team

we’re making good progress in building up the dev rel team to help us educate developers to contribute to the radicle stack and build on our protocols. Cami joined as a contributor to help drive the strategy and grow our dev rel team.


Products not quite ready for adoption

The product suite we are building out needs to achieve a base feature parity with GitHub and then focus on building out features that allow a community of developers to onboard and earn as DevDAO contributors. This is the biggest challenge DAOs are facing with Github and is something that Github will really struggle to take on due to pressures from their existing user base and greater regulatory pressure.
Product and protocols aren’t quite there yet for adoption and so this is slowing our growth work down, but we are very aware of this and are putting processes in place to focus our growth efforts into product market fit efforts. There is a lot of interest in the work we’re doing and clear problems developers in DAOs are facing, so we are confident we will get there.
Addressing this by:

  1. Focusing on a small group of DAOs that are perfect first users (similar to slack’s first cohort of companies).
  2. Building long term strategic partnerships with other DAO tooling players
  3. Developing the ecosystem with a narrative and processes for growing a community that wants to join the Radicle mission


  • Let us know if you have web3 platforms or protocols we should be speaking to about drips integrations.
  • Let us know if you know an entrepreneurial hustler that would be interested in diving into the web3 platform ecosystem to find and work with integration partners.
  • Would appreciate any intros to growth, marketing, or dev-rel talent that would be interested in contributing to a DAO.


  • Hit target of onboarding 50 DAO contributors onto our early user programme
  • Find and onboard launchers. Particular ones to help with web3 platforms and protocol integrations.
  • Onboard marketing and dev rel contributors and help teams form