Growth community update - October 2022


The growth team has continued its focus to building mission and vision aligned partnerships whilst highlighting all the hard work being done across the DAO. Our aim is to ensure that the broader ecosystem knows our mission, the progress we’ve already made, and maintain their enthusiasm for the project as the product and protocol teams work on the next iteration of development.

We’re currently exploring how to re organise efforts across partnerships, education, marketing, and community. More updates coming next month.



  • Giveth <> Radicle Partnership Post (WIP): Giveth partnership is advancing well. We have almost finalized the partnership post. They now want to apply to our grants program before announcing partnership, so this might slow down the co-marketing initiatives outlined in this calendar Giveth <> Radicle Co-Marketing Pipeline - @lfada - @harry
  • The Graph + Radicle Partnership Hub: Having conversations with The Graph foundation, and Edge & Node to discuss co-marketing and partnership initiatives. - @Lfada
  • Had several conversations with Optimism, and ideas around supporting their grants program and Round #3 of Retro PFGs were raised. - @Lfada - @harry
  • Drips pipeline: Building pipeline of contacts and doing first reach outs to Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs. First conversations scheduled with Ceramic, Safe, and Wonderverse to explore co-marketing and partnership opportunities. - @Lfada - @harry
  • Workshop: Running a Value Prop and Messaging workshop with the Drips team - @Lfada


  • New website coming! :grin: - Design and build of radicle Institute website - @brandon @nas @matto
  • Research pieces - Research on defining initial technical research piece from code collab and funding was carried out this month - aim being to select a piece and start on it this coming month. @matto @nas
  • Dev rel - Reviewed dev rel stategy as last approach wasn’t delivering on our near term goals. We’ve pulled back to focus on fewer pieces of higher quality. This will be done by working closely with the engineering teams and partnering with the right educators/orgs. Also exploring initiative to make it easier for developer educators to start publishing on radicle to share with their audiences. - @camiinthisthang
  • Creative tech bounties - Initial outreach for micro grants programme to creative technologists (e.g. to share their work on radicle and do write up for radicle institute - @matto
  • Research and education partnerships - Discussions started with potential education partnerships with orgs like Buidlguild and others that we won’t share till conversations have progressed. Our aim is to collab with research and education initiatives across the ecosystem as a public good and to grow awareness of how radicle fits into the stack as a key piece of infra - @nas @matto
  • Fellowship/Cohort programme - In the last month significant progress has been made with the cohort programme after collecting valuable feedback, the Learn and Build cohorts have transitioned to Summits and a Fellowship, to align closely with Radicle’s vision. Our initial key focus is the fellowship to be launched by Jan/Feb which includes onboarding a small group of developers and then getting them to build a project, aligned with Radicle, that is then funnelled to grants. More information can be found here. Our goals for the next month are to begin finding speakers/mentors, recruiting cohort members, finalising the curriculum, and getting the cohort resources ready. @maddybergen @ruthD @nas


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