Growth Community Update - June 2022

:wave:t4: Growth team updates

Drips protocol

  • We are currently focusing our efforts on DAOs and DAO tooling players to enable them to stream contributor salaries and vest tokens. Currently compiling projections with an aim to start onboarding our first DAOs by end of Q3 2022.
  • Slowed down on outreach to partners as we stepped back and supported the review of protocol design for the DAO contributor payments usecase. Continuing working closely with Drips team to bring market understanding to the design.
  • Continued talks with a number of DAO tooling platforms about how they’re thinking about streaming and preparing them for when our documentation, SDK, and protocol are ready for them to use.

Radicle code collab

  • @Luke has continued his work alongside Kai on the early user programme in order to bring user insights to the product development cycle - Early User Program Report - June 2022
  • We’ve been holding off on the growth front as the teams restructure and there is a shift in focus towards a protocol first strategy.
  • Working with the Link team to help them outreach to engineers to join the team

Building dev rel team

  • The aim of this team is to help grow the developer audience and educate them on our tooling.
  • Cami has been working closely with @Michiel to put the foundation in place for dev rel whilst onboarding a few new contributors.


We onboarded three new contributors to take on different pieces of work. Two that wanted to contribute to our marketing efforts and one that is focusing on helping build structure and programmes for growing our developer ecosystem.

We are getting better at attracting contributors and working with them to define an initial 3 month project that allows both sides to learn about working together. This approach feels like it’s getting closer to the goals of permissionless contribution, but with the right structure, checks and balances.

Protocol ecosystem building

We’ve been exploring what it means to do growth in the Radicle DAO as each team has turned more of it’s focus on protocol over product. Having studied other DAO ecosystems it’s clear that we need to build infrastructure to onboard and support teams that share our vision to build in our ecosystem. Each component needs to done in the correct order and refined as we build this machine.


  • Let us know if you have web3 platforms or protocols we should be speaking to about drips integrations.
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