Grants Org - Q4 2023 Update

Grants Org - Q4 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

Grant - IDEs and Patches

Yorgos’s team has got IDEs working with Radicle patches.

The demo for this can be seen below:

Grant - Issues Board

Yorgo’s team finished an awesome POC for an issue board on Radicle:

Proposal - 2024 Proposal V2

Please see below:

Quarterly Goals


Objective: onboard grantees to more permanent work within the Radicle ecosystem.

Results: without our 2024 Proposal passed, this goal is at risk, as we may lose some/all contributors from Yorgos’s team.



  • Switch 100% of grants over to Drips
  • Switch 100% of our documents over to Radicle (code collab)


  • 100% of our grants this quarter have been funded with Drips.
  • We have not switched our repository over to Radicle. We plan on dogfooding the GitHub Migration tool once that grant is completed.

Drip to Dependencies

Objective: allocate 4% (40,000 USDC) of budget to Drips balance + drip to 4 dependencies as outlined here

Results: we completed this as part of the Radworks Drip Proposal that funded the Drips here .

Community Input for Grants

Objective: integrate with GitCoin Round Manager or some other quadratic vote/funding mechanism to open some % of our budget to community input for grant funding.

Results: still researching GitCoin and others like CharmVerse. Looking to test these out post-ETHCC.

Timeline & Budget Update (include in written update only)

We have expended 99% of our budget, with roughly 4,000 USDC out of the 1,000,000 originally budgeted.

Until the Grants Org’s 2024 proposal is approved, we will be ineffective.