Grants Org - Q1 2024 Update

Grants Org - Q1 2024 Update

General Announcements & Updates

Integrations and Tooling

The Grants Org made its final grants to Yorgos and team (now the Integrations and Tooling Org).

This includes initial work on CI/CD as well as the planning board.

More details here:

We also funded a quick tutorial by Nader, as seen below:

This tweet for >19,000 views, with the video being watched 1,300 times so far.

Entity Formation

We are in early talks to create a formal entity around the Grants Program.

This will include a legal entity as well as KYC requirements for future Grantees.

Part of this process will include returning remaining funds in the Grants multi-sig to the Foundation, then creating a new Org Proposal via the legal entity.

The aim of this is to create more rigorous processes around Grants, as well as basic compliance as we grow the program.


We will be removing Reverie (0xc1d7253392f2cFBA7a41f43222062905EE2D2934) from the multi-sig membership and committee due to inactivity on the grant reviews.

Quarterly Objectives Updates

A significant amount of this quarter was spent getting the 2024 Grants Org Proposal approved.



  • Onboard grantees to more permanent work within the Radicle ecosystem.


  • We worked closely with Yorgos and team to create the new Integration and Tooling Org, which is the first case of a grantee evolving into a full fledged org.



  • Switch 100% of grants over to Drips
  • Switch 100% of our documents over to Radicle (code collab)


  • 100% of our grants this quarter have been funded with Drips.
  • We have not switched our repository over to Radicle.

:point_right: Please include a high-level budget update based off of report that will be provided by Ops before the call. (i.e. are you on/under/over budget & why?)

Timeline & Budget Update (include in written update only)

On track, but please note the announcement above on entity creation as much of the funds below may be returned to the Foundation in short order.

Total Spent:

Total Remaining:

  • RAD: 54,799 (44,799 on Safe and 10,000 on Drips contract)
  • USDC: 273,886 (102,756 on Safe and 171,130 on Drips contract)