Grants Community Update - September 2022

Radicle Grants - Community Update

Note: most line items tie back to KPIs set forth in latest approved proposal found here.

1. DAO Partnerships

3rd Party Tooling/Integrations

Recruiting Funnels

  • Fellowship/Cohort programme: met with Maddie/Ruth about cohort programme rolling out in coming months. @maddybergen @RuthD @bordumb
    • TODO:
      • Create Radicle-wide user personas/stories
      • Share framework for evaluating successful grants

Badges + Distribution of Influence

  • We funded OtterSpace’s grant to create soul-bound (i.e. non-transferrable NFTs).
  • TODO:
    • Receive child Raft token from OtterSpace
    • Create 1 badge for RGP committee members.
    • Create 1 badge for grantees, which will be sent upon grant approval.

Dripping to Dependencies & Retroactive Funding

  • We have prepared a list of key Grants dependencies here.
  • TODOs:
    • Setup 100% of those dependencies up for Drips.
    • Drip $10,000 ($40,000 in total, or ~4% of budget) to each dependency.
    • Write blog post about retroactive funding of FOSS, teaming up with Marketing team on this.

Retroactive Funding

  • Create an explicit charter for retroactive funding.

2. Dogfooding


  • Manage applications through Workstreams.
  • TODO:
    • Waiting on Drips V2/Workstreams update


  • Get them using CLI, Patches, etc. for code management and collaboration
  • Get grantees - especially larger groups - using Drips to drip to their members and/or dependencies.
  • TODO:
    • Setup incentives (x% bonus) with existing and new grantees to use Radicle.

Grant Committee

  • Manage grant applications and payments using Workstreams.
  • TODO:
    • Waiting on Drips V2/Workstreams update