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  • Project Name: QSTN
  • Team Name: QSTN
  • Payment Address: 0x7056A5Da7D269B31Eb2E54E5579e41ef283d7D2C
  • Level: :seedling: (Seed)

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QSTN is an emerging Web3 data platform looking to disrupt the advertising industry by giving individuals power and control over their data.

We built a data marketplace where users answer surveys, questionnaires, earn credits and spend these rewards for digital collectibles minted on NEAR Protocol.

Launching this application on Ethereum is paramount to the future of web security and internet data regulations as the world transitions to a Web3 structure.

As a data platform, the virtual ANSR credit, allows users to earn tokenized rewards each time they answer a question on-chain. Data has become a human rights issue and our goal is to bridge that gap by creating new tools on Web 3.0 which empower end-users.

There is an inefficiency within research data intensive sectors and we connect these organizations with relevant subjects for market research.

By supporting this initiative, Radicle is investing in data infrastructure for the entire Ethereum ecosystem as well as creating a new “Play-to-Earn” model for data aggregation.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Orrin Campbell – QSTN CEO and blockchain architect who will be point of contact (team leader)

Twitter -

Instagram - Orrin (@realorrin) • Instagram photos and videos

Linkedin -

GitHub -

  • Anibal Suriel - QSTN Head of Legal (team member)

Linkedin -

Lafi Raed – QSTN Lead Developer (team member)

GitHub - shadow111 (LR) · GitHub

  • Phillip Coleman - Entreprenuer In Residence (team member)

Linkedin -


Legal Structure

  • Registered Address: 67 Edgehill Drive, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 USA
  • Registered Legal Entity: QSTN LLC

Team’s experience

We incorporated QSTN in December of 2020 and began participating in accelerators hosted by Filecoin, NEAR and Octopus Network to learn Web3 best practices and go to market strategy.

Below is a chronological list of incubators we participated in:

  1. QSTN graduates from the 1871 x BLK Tech Verizon incubator (first cohort) [2021]
    BLKTech - 1871 - Independent Innovation hub

  2. QSTN places 2nd and 4th in the Encode Club x Filecoin NFT Hackathon
    NFT Hack Finale Prizewinners and Summary | by Vanessa Losic | Encode Club | Medium

  3. QSTN graduates from the Filecoin 2022 accelerator program
    Encode x Filecoin Accelerator Summary | by Iva Horvat | Encode Club | Medium

  4. QSTN graduates from the Octopus Network x Huobi incubator program
    Spring 2022 Octopus Accelerator Star Prize Winners! | by Woori Chen | Octopus Network | Medium

  5. QSTN is 1 of 5 teams to receive the official Star Prize
    Meet The Accelerator Stars of Spring 2022 with Vivi Lin - YouTube

Orrin Campbell

Along with his entrepreneurial pursuits in Web3, Orrin has a large following in entertainment due to his appearance on Dr. Phil during an hour long episode as a “cyborg from the future.”

In an attempt to build on this platform, Orrin has amassed a large following on social media who follow his advice and input on topics ranging from music, fashion, entertainment and technology.

Press links -

Team Code Repos

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Project Description :page_facing_up:

We are applying for this grant because we developed a proof of concept on NEAR Protocol and want to implement this platform on the blockchain with the most users, developers and activity.

QSTN will become the “Google Form” or “Survey Monkey” of Web3 by developing a blockchain agnostic survey portal for internet users to reward, track and incentivize respondents in Web3.

Data is a human rights issue and we aim to create a standard where users always expect financial compensation when their data is being accessed, no matter the chain.

Deliverables :nut_and_bolt:

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  • Total Estimated Duration: 2.5 months
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 1020 hours and 6 full time employees
  • Total Costs: $10,000 USD

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Milestone 1

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  • Estimated Duration: 2.5 months
  • FTE: 1020 hours and 6 full time employees
  • Costs: $10,000
Number Deliverable Specification
1. QSTN “white label” on Ethereum (business facing product) We will develop a white label “Google Form” on Ethereum where businesses, DAOs and protocols can create a questionnaire or survey and reward users in Ethereum, ERC-20 related tokens or an NFT minted on Ethereum. Upon completion, we will provide Radicle a private link to test and package data insights to their preferred format
2. QSTN “Play-to-Earn” model on Ethereum (consumer facing product) We will implement our existing NEAR prototype on Ethereum so that ETH users can sign-in and complete our sponsored questionnaires, earn credit and spend for mintable goods on Ethereum. Upon completion, we will provide Radicle as a “learning” sponsor during our onboarding session

Future Plans

The QSTN web application is not publicly available yet - we are privately testing with strategic partners prior to our Q1 2023 release on NEAR Protocol.

These partners include Filecoin, Gitcoin, Octopus Network, Encode Club and Biconomy; we established relationships with these protocols after participating in their respective accelerators.

We currently have over 3,000 sign ups for the web application and an upcoming generative NFT collection on Paras to build initial community behind our 3D avatars.

For user acquisition, we are partnering with the Chicago Public School System to use QSTN as an educational response tool in a blockchain specific curriculum planned for 2023.

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Cool idea, though. I like the idea of helping people monetize their own data rather than just have it extracted for free.