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  • Project Name: Giveth
  • Team Name: Giveth
  • Payment Address: 0x4D9339dd97db55e3B9bCBE65dE39fF9c04d1C2cd (giv.eth)
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Project Overview :page_facing_up:

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Giveth is using blockchain to reward and empower those who give to projects, to society, and to the world!

Giveth is incredibly aligned with Radicle in using web3 to evolve our coordination around Public Goods! Our community is focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology. Our intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem.

We are thrilled to partner up with Radicle to use Radicle drips to continuously stream funds from donors to nonprofits & other public goods projects on On our DApp, 100% of donations go directly to the project and donors to verified projects are rewarded with GIVbacks. Making a project to raise funds on is simple and permissionless, however projects to gain access to additional platform benefits, they must apply for “Project Verification” - a system designed to vett projects and verify if they are providing public good. Verified projects are part of our “GIVbacks program” where, as always, 100% of donations do directly to the projects, and donor gets the added benefit of being rewarded with GIV.

The GIVeconomy is what really sets us apart from just being another donation application, below is a quick run-through of the major pieces of our ecosystem.

GIV - A transferable ERC-20 token that lies at the heart of the future of giving (native to Mainnet). (LAUNCHED ! :white_check_mark: )

GIVbacks - The entry point to the GIVeconomy. Donors to verified public goods projects get GIV tokens in return. This flips the script on tax deductible donation, creating a decentralized and borderless way of incentivizing donations. (LAUNCHED ! :white_check_mark:)

GIVgarden - Platform for decentralized governance over funding proposals. GIV holders are able to propose and vote on how to allocate funds from the Giveth community treasury using Conviction Voting. (LAUNCHED ! :white_check_mark: )

rGIV DAO - This is a unique reputation DAO where contributors who have been actively participating in our community for 3 months or more are eligible to participate. This DAO mostly handles the day-to-day operations and stewards the GIVeconomy smart contracts. (LAUNCHED ! :white_check_mark: )

GIVpower - Donors can lock their GIV tokens for GIVpower and use them to boost/curate projects on the platform. Projects with more GIVpower are ranked higher and in turn, their donors are rewarded with more GIVbacks. Locking is live, boosting is fully developed and being tested now, it should roll out in an upcoming release (LAUNCHING ! :construction:)

GIVfi - Latent donations on the platform can be used to generate a low-risk yield while waiting to be disbursed. This yield is to support the Giveth DAO, and a portion is given to the projects themselves (“GIVsavings”), enabling nonprofits to have something like a defi saving account . (PHASED ROLL OUT - 2023)

GIVmatching - Top-ranked public goods and for-good projects on the platform will have the opportunity to have their donations matched via a collectively funded matching pool. We are collecting funds for the matching pool at donation.eth and plan to work with the (Gitcoin) Grants 2.0 system when it is released (Q2 2023).

GURVES - The holy grail of public goods funding. Giveth projects can evolve into DAOs with their own micro-economies collateralized by GIV in a bonding curve. This is still very much in the research phase in partnership with Commons Stack, but is the Giveth endgame, turning the donation platform into an investment platform. (TBA)

We also have NFT projects, several integrations, partnerships, and community projects in the pipeline.

- An indication of how your project relates to / integrates into Radicle.

By integrating Radicle Drips with Giveth, we would launch recurring donations as streams. Donors interested in the projects can opt-in to allocate a Drip to the projects they want to support. If the project is verified, donors will get rewarded with GIV and POAPs for allocating these Drips via our GIVbacks program.

With this project, Giveth will enable public goods and nonprofits to benefit from Drips while rewarding users with GIVbacks. Giveth would be offering a direct incentive to donors/impact investors who choose to use Drips for their donations.

We are requesting 80,000 USD in this grant proposal to integrate Radicle Drips into our Giveth economy. The detailed project roadmap is outlined in the deliverables and milestones further on.

The goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship that will benefit both the ecosystem and the DAOs on several levels:

  1. Social interoperability - Giveth is ready to utilize its respective social media channels, co-sponsor events, and undertake co-marketing activities to promote each other’s visions.
  2. Product/Technology interoperability - Radicle drips would open doors to many more possibilities for diversifying the usability in our GIVeconomy universe:
    • Adding recurring donations through the Drips protocol to the Giveth main product, Donations.
    • Launching a Radicle community in Giveth.
    • Expanding GIVstream functionality with a deeper protocol integration.
    • Exploring ways to empower GIVpower.
  3. Governance Rights interoperability - Giveth is a strong supporter of DAO-to-DAO collaborations which is why we have a very diversified treasury with the projects whom our mission aligns. As a future next step to strengthen this partnership even further, we think both DAOs would benefit from a more diverse voter base, through a GIV <> RAD token swap (to be outlined in detail in a separate proposal).

Please describe why you are applying for this grant.

We would like to integrate Radical Drips as a new way of giving on Allowing donors on the platform to create donation streams to projects they want to support. Radicle drips provide 3 distinctive benefits to donors on Giveth:

  1. Streamers can end a stream prematurely whenever they choose.
  2. There is no process of wrapping a token to set up a stream.
  3. A donor doesn’t need to have all of the funds up front to create a stream.

We estimate to allocate minimum 3 months of planning, design, development and testing for integrating Radicle drips into our streams. The discussions and planning between both teams has already kickstarted and we are excited to start the development work. This grant would certainly support us to continue with the development and milestones outlined below.

Considering the noted interoperabilties and how Radicle can play a substantial role in our current and future roadmap, we’d love to see Radicle’s support in this project.

We expect to deploy the first rollout within 2-3 months after this grant passes.

We would also explore future opportunities using radical drips in upcoming roadmap features. GIVfi, a yield-earning strategy through donations, would be a great candidate to expand Radicle features into. This feature would deploy idle donation funds to generate additional revenue for Giveth and the public goods. GIVfi is still in a research phase and we certainly explore the possibilities of further integrations with Radicle as we progress in our roadmap.

Deliverables :nut_and_bolt:

> Milestone 1: Analyze and use case designs/mockups


  1. Simulating and analyzing the use case
  2. Finalize the specifications
  3. Mockup/blueprint of the user journey and the UX
  4. Software analysis and integration flow
  5. Backend design and creating an MVP design spec
  6. Review technical boundaries with UX
  7. Prototyping and review
  8. Create an MVP design spec

Estimated Duration: 21 days

> Milestone 2: MVP implementation


  1. Backend implementation
  2. Front-end implementation
  3. Integration of front-end with backend and review the edge-cases
  4. Unit Testing
  5. Test final integration with Drips (integration-test)
  6. User Acceptance Testing

Estimated Duration: 30 days

> Milestone 3: Test Pilot


  1. Outlining all test scenarios
  2. Finding a project partner for piloting
  3. Launch with a real user and donors
  4. Outlining the feedback
  5. Planning and feedback implementation

Estimated Duration: 15 days

> Milestone 4: Implementation of side features and preparation for launch!


  1. Feedback analysis and identifying issues
  2. Implementing the suggested feedback
  3. Testing the whole new flow with real users

Estimated Duration: 7 days

> Milestone 5: Go to market/ Launch Communications


  1. Week 1 - Partnership announcement post
  2. Week 1 - Social Media - Share on Discord - Post on Discourse
  3. Week 3 - Newsletter w/Partnership announcement
  4. Week 5 - Partner Spotlight, ie.: Twitter spaces on Radicle account sharing latest details on GIVPower w/ our community.
  5. Week 7 - Partner use case blog post and/or TW thread
  6. Week 9 - Co-education demo/Tutorial repos (on radicle or Youtube)

Estimated Duration: 65 days

Future Plans

How you intend to use, enhance, promote and support your project in the short term

  • Adding the new chains
  • Adding new tokens
  • Using Radicle for splitting to a Cart of projects
  • Usnig Radicle for splitting default donations


Team’s experience

Please describe the team’s relevant experience.

Our team has been in the public goods space since 2016 and have been a major contributor to many know projects:


Amazing! Looking forward to an integration of radicle drips into giveth! These features look :fire: !

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Thanks for this application.

Immediate feedback/action item:
Please attach each USDC amount needed per milestone.

We will resume reviewing this grant once that is done.


Thanks for the feedback @bordumb !
Here’s the breakdown of manhours and cost per milestone including the total funding requested from Radicle:

After revising the breakdown with our PM, we have decided to include an extra amount in “support and maintenance” to be kept for updates or issues after launch. hence the total amount of 100k USD for our grant proposal to the Radicle community.
Hope you and the Radicle community will like this proposal and looking forward to your feedback on this. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this @Yass, really appreciate the thorough breakdown.


  • I like that M1 is funded by Giveth as it’s the research part.
  • In regards to the Support and Maintainance, when will that amount be transferred (after M2, M5), and if not used, would that come back to Radicle? How can we track the usage of that extra 20%?
  • Could you mention Radicle/Drips on each Milestone? I think this can help the grants team as they cannot assume the development is related to Drips/Radicle :slight_smile:



Can you tell us a bit more about your existing users:

  • How many people do you have receiving funds?
  • How many people do you have donating funds?
  • Do you imagine your Radicle integration will help onboard brand new users? Add new ways for existing users to fund? Or a bit of both?

I’m just curious to understand what overlap you think the current user base and Radicle-based one might have.

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Thanks for the feedback @Lfada!
Glad to see you like our funding split between both sides! We think it’s only fair to ask for your support during the development schedules that it’s only Radicle/drips heavy.

Regarding the support buffer fund, it normally occurs when our project partners plan to upgrade the feature or release newer versions which would demand more development time from our side to be dedicated for such upgrades. If we can already review your future roadmap for drips and in case of any changes planned, we can allocate this as a buffer for a certain period of time and if not used by then to be returned to Radicle. Open to suggestions here.

I was trying to edit the proposal but it appears to be a time limit of 5d once the proposal is up. I would happily make a new one (if needed) once we grind out the details and explicitly refer to Drips throughout all the milestones.

Hi @bordumb ! Yes sure!
We have more than 1,600 projects registered on Giveth, over 14,500 donations with + 4,200 unique donors who are actively contributing on our platform. This is for 2021 and 2022. But it is worth saying we migrated to our new DApp just end of last year and the old data from previous years are not 100% integrated so these figures are on the conservative side and can only be higher.

By integrating Radicle, we expect that it would be beneficial for our donors in 2 ways:

  1. new donors who are planning to support their favorite projects on Giveth, and would like to continuously support them will most likely opt for Radicle Drips as the most convenient option to stream their donations on a regular basis.
  2. existing donors on the platform will also get notified about such feature and incentivized to also opt in for drips to provide their continuous support to their projects.

In both cases and as a result, donors will get rewarded with GIV and POAPs for allocating these Drips via our GIVbacks program.

We expect with a joint media push and announcement we could have a substantial reach to users on both side who are supporters of public goods space and grassroots movements which we actively support and have listed many on our platform.


Thanks for the rundown on your current users.

Milestone 1 Feedback

With our Grant’s Program, we only begin payment of each milestone after the delivery of the preceding milestone.

Given your first milestone is research, but you want to fund it, we would not begin paying for the rest of the grant until we see the finalized research from Milestone 1 completed.

To be honest, I don’t think this makes sense for 1 big reason:
We have a vested interest in finding ways for Drips to be adopted by all kinds of different groups, including teams who are working on web2 solutions as well (like your upcoming credit card-based giving). Bridging the gap between web2 users and web3 protocols (like ours) requires research. So we’d be happy to pay for that.

And the smaller reason:
It makes sense to get this project floating by funding the initial research.


I’d recommend that you restructure the 1st milestone such that we pay for 100% of the work there.

The motivation here is simply related to what I noted above:
We’d like to see general research on how to bring Drips to an existing web2 platform like yours.
So if you can make sure that Milestone covers both (a) research specific to your platform and (b) research more generally - especially in terms of integrating existing tech with new tech - we’d happily pay for that.

Funding Feedback

2 points:

  1. We generally don’t fund groups for simply adopting Drips. With that said, given the very interesting use-case of onboard your existing web2 giving platform to Drips, it is quite compelling. So I think we’d be comfortable funding the development, but would like to go in 50%. Please let me know if this works for you.
  2. Regarding maintenance: this section of funding is too vague + it’s too early to really calculate that. I 100% agree that maintenance will be needed, but this is something we should understand more clearly after Milestone 1, 2, and 3 are done. Let’s revisit this point in the future.

Thanks @bordumb for clarifying how the grant allocation works but mostly for elaborating on Radicle’s plans and goals! :slight_smile:

Knowing what Radicle and the drips team are vouching for enables us to expand the aspects of how we can work together on this. And as you mentioned, it would be an exciting challenge to take on the web2 part of this project together!

We are deep in the research phase on enabling FIAT donations on our platform and would certainly welcome (and need) more heads to help us with identifying the most desirable ways of adding such a feature. I was briefly discussing the possibility of adding drips with our team responsible for this project and they are keen to create a working group also with Radicle to explore the possibilities and reach a tangible outcome to launch this product.
This project seems to be a big and complex one depending on the scope we’d like to cover taking into account all aspects including legal, tax & accounting, technical, maintenance & management… Initial research has led us to onramp solution with where it may require less backend and technical work than anticipated. Also limiting the legal and other web2 exposures, making it a good MVP to begin with. But we’d love to connect with your team and understand how we can tackle this together.

All that being said, we appreciate the offer to join forces on the research part to also add drips for the CC donations on the platform!

I believe the first milestone would be slightly tweaked to take the web2 project roadmap into consideration as well (more on that below).

As for the development work, I noticed across the projects on Radicle that for such partnerships the grant size doesn’t normally exceed the range of 50-60k. And I would be more than happy to accommodate our ask to fit in this range. In other words, 50% funding on the development is fair and it would work for us.

Regarding the maintenance, agreed, and let’s park it for now. I will remove it from the milestones for the time being.

Below is our revised version based on your feedback. Let me know if I should make a new proposal with the updated information if it’s easier/cleaner for your team to navigate through. :smiley:

We would then tweak Milestone 1 slightly to incorporate your feedback:

Milestone 1: Analyze and use case designs/mockups to integrate drips with Fiat and Crypto donations


  1. Simulating and analyzing the use case of using drips for both Fiat and Crypto donors
  2. Finalize the specifications
  3. Mockup/blueprint of the user journey and the UX
  4. Software analysis and integration flow (on Mainnet and possibly Gnosis chains)
  5. Software research, analysis, and integration flow (for Credit Card donations)
  6. Backend design and creating an MVP design spec
  7. Review technical boundaries with UX
  8. Prototyping and review
  9. Create an MVP design spec

And here’s the breakdown of R&D costs:

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hey @bordumb! we had a great call with Radicle last week to share a couple of updates and follow-up on our application. It appears the fiat project is no longer a topic of interest for Radicle? Nonetheless, from our side the research shows that we will have it enabled sometime soon and the complexities were solved thanks to some existing APIs that are solving this problem for us! So we could also think about adding Drips for CC donations if there is interest.

What’s more exciting, and it was very well received by Radicle during the call is our GIVfi project - latent donations on Giveth can earn interest on Defi to buy GIV & become a high interest rate savings account for projects. This opens up interesting possibilities for safe Defi strategies. one would be endowments > GIVdowments which provides the ability for the nearly 2 trillion dollars worth of tradfi endowments to easily start earning interest in defi and automate the allocation of those funds to projects on Giveth.
There is a great opportunity for integrating GIVfi with Drips as well where the donations are sent to smart contracts for yield generation and then streamed over a course of “x” months to the project.

We see many use cases of drips in our existing and upcoming projects and would love to add them to our project roadmap.
We look forward to the communities’ decision or any updates on our proposal on how to move forward. :slight_smile:

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