Grant application DeFiSlate DAO

Project Overview

Project name

DeFiSlate DAO


$10,000 to fund an ecosystem collaboration around interoperable DAO standards, as part of a co-funding round led by key organizations in the DAO ecosystem.



Contact Name: Andy
Contact Email:

What objectives

Objectives: Community Growth / Organic Engagement / Onboard New Users To Radicle

Content Examples

  • onboarding tutorials
  • guest blog posts
  • written AMA’s
  • videos interviews
  • DeFi by Design podcasts
  • community updates & announcements

Action Plan

  • Individual tweets and threads from Andys twitter (

  • Integrations with DeFi protocols to bring them to Radicle Protocol to onboard as ecosystem

  • Build collaborative opportunities with defi protocols to facilitate marketing and integration efforts

  • DeFi Slate Governance Dashboard: Gov proposals updated on website weekly for all users to see (Updated voting numbers and news on which proposal passes)

  • Create coordinated improvements in marketing + content exposure (tweet engagement, retweets, blog link posting etc)

  • Community building via community calls: Andy to attend community calls and participate in a meaningful way

  • Leverage personal connections and group chats to help Radicle Protocol gain exposure from other outlets and auxiliary communities (Can expect at least 1-2 integrations with protocols we are connected with)

  • Continue to be a DeFi power user of Radicle Protocol & learn as much as possible in order to help grow and promote the brand

  • Growth Advising - Ex: Onboarding a NFT bridge infra to Radicle Protocol to prep further for multichain world

  • Creation of several graphics for marketing and promotions

  • Website marketing - Banner marketing, promotions, Pop up adverts, logo, and links on

  • Sponsor Highlight Recaps Monthly - Monthly full post of all the content we’ve done for sponsors as well as their updates

  • Omnichannel Content Posting - Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Website, LinkedIn Posting for all content we do together and reposting content and sharing across media partners

  • Access to Media Partners - TBD: Content available to be created with other media outlets like DeFi Times & Dezentralized Finance

  • Governance Proposal Creation - Guaranteed governance proposal creation from DeFi Slate & consistent governance voting from our ENS (we need tokens to do this)

How much funding are you requesting

$10,000. This is intended to be part of a co-funding round supported by several key organizations across the DAO ecosystem.


This application is missing a lot of the most basic information noted on the page below:

For example:

  1. You have not listed an Ethereum address - so there’s no way to pay you
  2. You’ve mentioned “Media Partners”, but have not specified who these partners are.
  3. You’ve mentioned “Personal Connection”, but have not specified who these connections are or how they fit within FOSS, web3, or Radicle.

Especially on points 2/3, please apply once these are settled. Otherwise it’s impossible to really assess the application.

I’d also recommend checking out the Radicle Discord (link below). There is a #marketing channel, which may have a lot of overlap. There may be so much overlap that this grant doesn’t make so much sense (it’s hard to tell until you’ve provided more info). It may make sense to speak with folks in that Discord channel before applying to see what gaps exist that may be benefited by grant work.